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Man of Steel Challenge – Win It For FREE

man of steel challenge

OK. It’s ON!

Read the Entire message below, CAREFULLY. Don’t be a Lazy Looker, read EVERY word below.

The Man of Steel Challenge is SOON to be released but before we open this Bad Boy up to the public, Zach and I wanna give you guys a chance to “Earn” The entire MOS system… for FREE.

You don’t need sandbags, stones or any strongman equipment. The MOS workouts are tailor made for the typical commercial gym or home gym.

On the Flip Side, The MOS Challenge is anything BUT typical and is certainly not created for the Typical Man.

We are warning you now, we want Hardcore MoFos applying for this program! Weak minded Men are NOT encouraged to partake in this program.


If you wanna pack on more muscle, get leaner and meaner in the next 12 weeks then you have in the last 12 months, Zach and I have created the Ultimate 12 Week training system for YOU.

You’ll get instructional videos for download, workout manuals for every week as well as ALL the videos on a physical DVD. Follow the program A – Z and you WILL pack on steel forged muscle.

You’re gonna have to EARN your MOS program, so read on….

If you’re down for this 12 week challenge and you 100% KNOW that you will go balls to the wall for the next 12 weeks, here is how you can WIN The MOS Challenge, on The House!

** The MOS Challenge Contest Rules. READ Carefully AND Entirely **

1) Be 100% Serious & Dedicated to the program. We don’t want you applying, commenting or crying about why you can’t do something. We want those who DO, not those who Don’t. If this means only 3 people will apply, so be it, we don’t care! Smitty and I have been doing this for a loooooong time and don’t bother working with half assers.

2) Create a Video as to why you want The MOS 12 week program and why you believe you have Earned it. That’s right, if you want IN, we want a video. It’s too easy to write a few half hearted sentences or paragraphs as a comment, it takes time, commitment and thought to create a GENUINE video giving us insight into who you are and why you feel you have Earned The MOS program.

3) Once Your Video has been created and posted on youtube or any other video hosting web site, drop a comment below and link it to your video so we can see your video. Be creative and genuine when making your video. We can see who REALLY wants IN and who put together a half ass video.

4) The Deadline to submit your Video is Wed., March 31st. We suggest you get busy this weekend and make it happen ASAP. Procrastinators are NOT who we want in this program. No exceptions.

5) Zach & I will announce the winners on Friday, April 2nd. There will be 1 winner picked from each Blog.

Bring Your A Game, because we sure as hell put together our Most Ass Kickin’ Training system, EVER!

I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Remember, only ONE winner will be picked from My blog and ONE winner from Zach’s Blog.

Let the Videos Begin!

Oh yeah, in the meantime, check out two killer sample MOS Workouts!

MOS Workout 1:  Bodyweight

Try this Bodyweight Power Workouts next time you hit the gym:

1) Chest Slap Push Ups: (explode upward and slap chest, harder
than just clapping your hands)

2) Towel Pull Ups – Hang a towel over the pull up
bars and pull your body up till your hands touch
your chest and make sure you get a full stretch
all the way down.

3A) Squat Jumps

3B) Lunge Jumps

Finish the workout with a few rounds of squat jumps
and lunge jumps, going for maximum height on every rep!

If you still have energy, go ahead and finish off your workout
with some heavy Dumbbell Farmer Walks and direct ab work.

MOS Workout 1:  Lower Body

After I warm up, here’s the madness about to ensue, lower body.

1) Sumo Deadlift 8 x 3 reps (30 seconds rest between sets)

2A) Squat Jumps 3 x 10

2B) Lunge Jumps 3 x 10

3) Weighted Back Extensions 4 x 10-15 reps

I’ll be doing plenty of hard ab work as well.

Abs gotta be strong for  a healthy back.

The Man of Steel Challenge is an awesome strength training challenge that only the elite will finish.  Are you ready?


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27 Responses to “Man of Steel Challenge – Win It For FREE”

  1. adam Says:

    very awesome men, very awesome

  2. helmi Says:

    hi jim
    my name is helmi el far and i have been following your blog and also zach’s one for quite some time now it started as a challenge with a friend of mine it was about me losing weight three years ago i was 17 i weighed around 220 lb about 100 kg
    and he weighed about 280 lb so we had a bet the one who lowers his weight by noticeable amount in six months and the loser will have to buy the other a something tahts around 200 $ byour currency off course so we started each one of us going to the gym and doing cardio lots of it we started losing weight but the n we staled no progress espacially for me so i started going to the net trying to find out what went wrong why no progress after every thing every one told me failed so i found alot of information completely diffrent from what i was doing so from that point i was addicted to every information i get about fitness and through out the days i started looking around \
    i live i eygpt here we dont really have the place to go under ground in my strength workout every one is doing bodybuilding isolation moves a slow cardio people actually watch me when i train in the gym any commercial gym as if iam doing something thats not suposed to be done so i had a converstion with a trainer in my gym once and he told me and kept telling me that what i was doing is wrong and i would get my self injured so i told him that he have seen me go to that gym for a while and i have had very good progress since i,ve been there and i started training a lot of my friends some got really good others just didnt accept the ideas i was saying so i know this is a big story but here why iam telling that to you the reason is i’am trying to somehow make revolution here in alexandria by making this kind of training popular but this just needs alot of information and knowledge so that i can really train some one here there are no certification that i can take to be a coach or any thing like that jsut if you look good people ask you how you did it and i would like to change that so i have to get every piece of infromation i can get my hand on and try it my self so that if any one would ask me i would answer him and i know im right and iam still astudent here so there are not enough money that i can spare to get books about fitness and stuff like that so it would be very helpful and good for me to get this program for my self and for every one to know why i train like this
    by the way i now weigh 160 lb and i just hit a new record in deadlift which is 380lb for 2 reps my max squat(back)is also 380 70 pushups and 24 pullups and iam always looking for more and wanting to get my self better so tahts about it
    so thanks
    and good bye

  3. Bill Long Says:

    Anyone interested in this should just stop thinking about it and do it! I did it for AMD and a ton of success. I have no doubt this will make your gains go up in all ways! Good Luck!

  4. Eduardo P. Says:

    Jim, Zach,

    My name is Eduardo Pichardo. I’m a 20 year old student. I am currently studying literature at the state university in my country, Dominican Republic. Due to that fact (me not living in the USA) I’m not even sure if I apply for the contest. However, I do have a story that I’m proud of. I have been training for the better part of what I’ve lived so far. From swimming to downhill mountain biking to athletism to MMA, I’ve never stopped looking for challenges, and never let any obstacles stop me. I found out about the blogs, the sites, and the work you guys have been doing on my own and I find it them to be truly inspirational.

    I have never been a big guy. On the contrary, I’ve always been among the smallest builds in and out of the gym, but I’ve always heard that it’s not the size, it’s how you use it. I’ve found that to be true in my case. I saw myself facing challenges that other, apparently stronger, guys where afraid to face. In the beginning it was a way of proving myself and earning respect. Later on I discovered that I enjoyed evolving in my training and continued the exact same approach regardless of what others thought.

    I started lifting weights at about 15. There I was, scrawny and puny, a hesitant look as I walked into the gym not having the slightest idea of what to do with all those weights. After a while of training in fancy gyms, I decided to go out seeking a different scenario. I began training in MMA in a small gym which concentrated in japanese arts. It was cool starting out but somewhere along the lines they switched out their philosophy to no contact. Basically, they pussied out. The only real training left there was judo. So I began going more and more to judo and left the other disciplines behind. A few months into the whole ordeal, I got slammed pretty badly on back and was unable to break the fall properly, resulting in a nasty back injury for me: Spinal disc herniation. The doctors told I was never going to be able to do the heavy, hardcore training I had fallen in love with. I spent six months doing absolutely nothing after that. I then decided it was enough, Doctors are known to make mistakes as much as the next guy, so I did some research and began looking for easy to do excersises that would help me strengthen my back and lead me to later on be able to train as hard as I wanted. I went to germany where I took up swimming again after having left it for some time and did athletism for the first time in my life. Awesome. The combination of both sports and the help of my coach resulted in me strengthening my back enough for what was to become the greatest challenge of all for me.

    I got hauled to the path of righteousness by a close friend, and began training hardcore at an MMA gym, under the tutalage of Bellator MMA welter weight Omar de la Cruz. When I started I was merely at 125. For a 19 year old guy, thats pretty low. After a few months of over training (3 to 4 sessions per day, 5 days a week) my body began to rebel. Sickness, body aches, the works. Off the horse again. No training for 5 months. I got to weigh about 100 flat. After deciding that I was gonna stop feeling sorry for myself, I started eating like a race horse and training with military-like discipline. In about two months I hit 137.5lb. Clean went up from 65lb to a 115, pull ups where averaging at about 30 to 40, push ups 60 to 70 and, for I guy with a really bad back, my deadlift was around 235 for 10 reps. Not bad for a scrawny little 130 pounder, huh? But is it enough? Hell no. I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this to come my way, and I am hungry. I sincerely hope you consider my application and don’t let a little thing like location screw somebody’s chances of coming across such a great development in fitness. Thnak you.

  5. Adam L Says:

    Smitty and Zack,
    Adam here checking in for a chance at this Man of Steel…..Well first off I follow these blogs for motivation and to enhance my routine which right now is based off of Smitty’s AMD program. I followed a hardcore workout from AMD and augmented it with more power lifts since I was at the end of a year deployment and had down time to hit it hard. Since I have been home (4 months) I stick with at least 3 days a week doing circuit type, more then AMD workout program. Now not a knock to Smitty at all, but I am ready to mix it up again and yes I could follow and tweak what I know and push myself. I love the AMD and my journal proves it with the sets and weight I was hitting.

    But being the man I am (25yr old father, husband, Marine) I like to find the bigger guy, the new program, the routine that has people asking me what the hell I am doing in the gym….I like to put myself in a place where I think to myself why the F did I say I would do this then when I am done it is the best feeling in the world.

    That is where Man of Steel I think would take me to that place where I will be “F me how many more?!” but being the person I am sticking with it and coming out that much stronger.

    I have been running and swimming much more also. I have just been certified at the top of our swim qualification system that we use and have never felt as confident as I am now in the water. So now I want to get the big hardcore numbers I am used to in the gym.

    Why no video you ask. Yes, I have a camera but Wednesday is too close for me to get into a gym which right now I can not go to because two of them are under maintenance! So pissed, thats why I have been swimming so much. But it will open back up next week and the little gym I go to now is the size of a garage and has a good 30 people in it all day every day. And I have never put a video together and would need more time to figure the whole thing out. Which I have been playing around with. Who knows maybe I will be able to get away from work for a bit and try to but as of right now I do not for see one in the next two days.

    My personal stats, 6’1′ 201lbs, I do not have exacts for my lifts but right now (being conservative) bench 275lbs, back squat 380lbs, front squat 250lbs, deadlift 405lbs, these where around my 2 rep max while on AMD and deployed with access to weights 24/7. My main goals right now are to drop some weight and keep it off (more diet then gym time) and keep these numbers while increasing my stamina and all around muscle endurance. I notice I lose strength or endurance its hard to keep both up.

    Thanks to both of you and all of you that take the time to help us and I will continue to pass your names and sites around to everyone.

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Hey Smitty,

    I would love to get in on this deal.

    I believe I have what it takes to complete this challenge.

    My main reason for the need is;

    I am an unusual 185 lb. distance runner/endurance athlete, (Marathons, 50K Mountain Runs, Century Bike Rides).

    I want to prove to that end of the spectrum, (Endurance Athletes), that this is where the game is at.

    Stronger, Leaner and more Fit the DC way of Strength, Conditioning & Recovery.

    I have been able to make some excellent gains in speed and endurance and would like to continue to do so using your program.

    Let’s Get It On!

    Good Health,

    Tom Palomba

  7. Dave Says:

    Whats up Jim,

    I am an active duty navy corpsman serving with 1st Marine Division in camp pendleton. I take great pride in being in outstanding shape and being able to outperform my peers and i make sure to keep myself in top condition and prepped for war. It didn’t take me long to realize going to a Globo Jim and doing one armed reverse curls while standing on a medicine ball wasn’t the way to do it. I have dabbed in both powere lifting and olympic weightlifting, yet somehow i always came back to the basics. Heavy Squats, Deads, and shoulder press, with heavy cardio and athletic conditioning. I started to realize the most rugged, beastly men of all time did the odd, old time strongmen type lifts and exercises. Climbing rope, sandbag drills and others have helped me bring my athletic ability and wartime condition through the roof. So thank you and all of your associates for all the great tips on training and physical conditioning. In a world where all this flashy fitness crap is floating around with promises of quick results and no real tough work, programs like this are a breath of fresh air and i would love to hop on this MOS challenge.



  8. max Says:

    Dear Smitty and Zack,

    I apologise that I do not have a video camera to record a video for you, my friend who has one is staying with family for Easter. Anyway down to business, my name is Max and I’m a student living in England, I study Sports and Exercise Science and have always had a strong interest in training and fitness. I stand at 6 feet 1 inches and weigh 14 stone 6 pounds(heaviest I have been in a while my more athletic weight is around 13 stone) I trained a lot in mma before university but recently the student lifestyle has taken it’s toll and training went on the backburner. I have now reached the point where I am seriously pissed off at my physical state, its not that im unfit or weak, but I’m fed up of being average I don’t want to be just a normal guy who goes the gym and trundles through an easy routine gaining nothing but an inflated ego, I want to push my body to it’s limits, I want to feel alive like my body can perform the functions originally intended of it. I feel like every day im neglecting the chance I have to be the best I can be and I want your help.

    I have a confession to make:I’m an information junkie(im sure your familiar with the type). for too long now I have been starting workouts and changing after a few weeks only to see minimal results, I love to spend hours reading and trying to make myself the best routine possible. But now I am prepared to put my self completely in your hands, If provided with the chance I will be your lab rat and follow your instructions without fault. Im prepared to push myself to my limits every day, I will vomit, pass out or die before I quit. Ok maybe not die but you get the point.

    To be honest its also true that Nothing would pleasure more than wiping the smile of those in the gym who look at me as if im some kind of idiot when performing exercises that they haven’t seen or been shown by a gym instructor. Especially as I train in a university gym most of the time you can imagine there’s a lot of people who think they know everything about training.

    I wont ramble too long about why I deserve your program, all I can say is that if you do choose me you will have an open minded student who is willing to give it 100% and will absolutely refuse to quit at any point in the 12 weeks.

    Thanks Max Silvani

    P.S if you want any further information from me don’t hesitate to contact me via email

  9. jerry baxley Says:


  10. Ryan Says:

    G’day Smitty and Zach,

    It’s pretty hard to say I deserve this the most.
    So I’m not going to, instead I’m just going to tell you about myself and why I want it. I work as lanscaper and S&C coach/personal trainer so I’m pulling 65-70hrs a week on top of this I have a young family. So as you can see I’m pretty flat out, but even being this busy I have been able to acheive my goals which were twice my body weight deadlift and body weight power clean. I weigh 85kg (187lbs) hit a 180kg(396lb) deadlift and 87.5kg(192lbs) power clean. Now I want a new challenge!I think I have what it takes to kick arse with this program. Both the Chaos manual and underground system have been stables in both mine and my clients training. So I think that the two of you combined is a wicked combo and I want in! what’s the program going to retail for? If I don’t win I’ll have to buy it.

    Cheers from downunder

  11. Janet Says:

    I say screw the MOS’s! I want to be a WOS! I’m 47 years old but still want to kick the snot out of the kids. Currently studying for my 4th Dan in taekwondo. I work out at home with barbell, db’s, kettlebells, pullup bars, bands, etc. There are no pink db’s in my house!

  12. Vernon Peek Says:

    im not sure what you are looking for in this but i can tell you that after 10 years of rugby and training with some of the best players and hardest coaches in the nation its hard for me to find programs or even trainers that can get me to crack…my training partners come from all facets; marines, ironman athletes, football players, rugby players, college wrestlers and many more, i work them to the ground and have them too afraid for a second session with me. if this program is as hard and brutal as you say it is then let me give it a run through, i assure you it wont go to waste. hell if its as good as you say it is and i dont win i’ll even buy it and give it a shot anyway.

    thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon

  13. Patrick Says:

    Hi Jim & Zach
    As we say in Ireland anything for nothing is a bonus and if your not in you can’t win so send me the book so I can get the Man of Steel look.

  14. Michael Says:

    I was so pissed the other day, at both of you. A VIDEO contest for MOS. I don’t have a camera. I told my wife I am going to buy a camera so I can win this contest. Pragmatic as she is she said “we don’t have the money and the camera would cost more then just buying it (the program)”. Crap! She was right as usual. So I am out of the contest … well that was until you guys opened it up to us noncamera kind of guys.

    I love working out. It has become a passion. But in the past I limited myself (not purposely) due to a lack of understanding about physical fitness and conditioning. Then I started following your youtube videos and blogs (both Zach’s and Jim’s). And because of that I found more inspiring people to learn from like Matt Wichlinski, Elliott Hulse, (and the list goes on and on). Soon I got (more) jacked about getting jacked. Before this epiphany I kind of worked out just to keep from getting too fat and unhealthy. I only felt that way because I was bored (because my workouts where boring). NOW I workout for fun. It’s my sport of choose.

    I am in the process of getting a hold of (and/or making) all the functional training equipment I see you guys train with (construction tires, sleds, prowlers, sledge hammers, ropes, etc.) but right now I only have a gym membership. It’s a cool gym though because there are very few machines and lots of dumbbells, plates, bars, benches, and squat racks. It’s got what I need and I just love the feel of the steel. I wish there was a harcore gym around (maybe I will be the first) but there is not, so I work with what I got. I expect to have my own equipment within the next year though. Gotta love Craigslist. Of course I drive my wife nuts because I am always on it looking for equipment. To be honest if you had a program involving these tools I would not even enter because I am not yet there (equipment wise). But this is gym focused program and that is why I am in brotha(s).

    I may not be the biggest guy, but I am tuff as nails. I grew up skateboarding. And I competed. I have left blood over most of the North East and a little down South. Let’s just say I always got back up. But I prefer to lift now. I make a plan and I stick to it. If I schedule myself to go to the gym I go. I have two jobs a wife and two children (all of which I love dearly) so sometimes I can not get to the gym until nighttime. But I still go. I have even gone at 1am (my gym is 24/7) and still made it to work at 8am after a 40 minute drive. This is not optimal but it is what I have to do to get the job done. Plus working out at night means I never feel guilty for neglecting my family (because they are asleep).

    One weakness I have is program development. I am not experienced enough. I just want someone to tell me what to do, like a drill sergeant, and I will do it, or I will loose consciousness trying. Listen, when I win this contest the last thing you will have to worry about is me showing up and getting the work done. I am committed (in more then one way). My doc said I would never run again after I broke my knee … I run (well sprint) all the time. My HS teachers said I would never be able to get a degree in engineering because I dropped out of high school (due to family situations)… I got it (my BSEE) and I am now in my field working away. Some said I was to wild to find a wife to deal with me … I found won and she loves me. Now she says I will not be able to have a “garage” gym … I will 😉

    OK I am done. I got myself all riled up. I have to go for a walk now. Good thing I am hitting the weights tonight.


  15. Gianni Says:

    Forget winning it, I can’t wait to buy it! If it’s anywhere near as good ad AMD it’s gonna be awesome!

  16. Vicente Says:

    Hi there!!
    I’m a 35 year old, father of two young ladies (6 & 9) Spanish guy who lives in Madrid (some 4.000 miles away!!). do I deserve this prize more than my badass brothers who have written before and will write after me? honestly
    I’m not sure. Anyway, since I’ve been following you and Zach for a while I thought the least I could do is let you know a bit about me!! At first I thought about recording a video, but you were not going to understand my English, so when you gave the opportunity to write a few words (hope they won’t be too many!!) I said to myself “move your f. butt and go for it!!”
    I get up somewhat early (6:00 AM) and do a bodyweight workout and some stretching (about 30 minutes). Then, I get ready, wake my girls up and cook their breakfast. I work for an american company (3M) from 9 to 5 (very often it is really from 9 to 7 or 8!); after that I pick my girls from
    school, help them with their homework, cook their dinner (healthy Spanish stuff!!) and put them into bed (about 21:00). Afterwards, I cook dinner for my wife and myself and go for my heavy daily workout (21:30): weights routine, Muay Thai technique, Lactate Threshold Work, Tabata Intervals… depending on the day of the week. At 23:30, go to bed and back to start. Why do I tell you all this b.shit? First to let you know a bit about myself, and second, to let you decide if the commitment I show to training daily meets your expectations.
    For those who read my whole story (I’ve read all the stories ;-), CONGRATULATIONS (mine was long!!) & THANK YOU
    Take care and up the irons!!

  17. Kevin Keithley Says:

    What I share with the people who have already posted is a passion for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and other holistic health techniques. I have several chronic health conditions so I have had to use sound training techniques with a good diet in order to function like a normal human being, but this is not my main reason for writing.

    I have played baseball my whole life and have had several coaches who have taught me a little about strength and conditioning. I am now in my last year of college where I have been captain of the varsity co-ed cheerleading program for 2 years after I was finished playing baseball. As a pseudo-varsity sport, we do not get the same level of support as other varsity sports. This includes no strength and conditioning coach as well as no access to the higher quality gyms that the athletes can use. But we are still expected to perform, and can only hope that through our hard work and dedication, we will be able to show the athletic department that we deserve to be treated the same as other athletes. This is why I’m writing for the MOS program. As captain I have taken it upon myself to teach my teammates everything I have learned about strength and conditioning, including the aspects that are most critical for success as a male cheerleader. I have spent my 4 years in college researching everything that I could about working out. From Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength to Zach and Joe D.’s Lost Secrets of Strength seminar, I have researched the best so that I can be the best for myself and my teammates. The MOS program would greatly help me learn even more about program creation so that I can help my returning teammates take their bodies to the next level.

    I have no doubt that I can put forth the effort required for this program. I am only looking for that extra edge that will help my program flourish for years to come.

  18. Stephen Says:

    Zach and Smitty,
    I’ll just let you know that I am a 60 year old athlete.
    I’ve been involved in sports since age eight, thanks to my dad.
    I’ve had the privilige to participate in several different sports (i.e. football, basketball, baseball, wrestling-my favorite, soccer, volleyball) as a competitor and coach.
    I wrestled five years in college, having the privilege of being on a national championship JC team at Phoenix College under the tutelage of Mr. Ron “Tune” Eastin in 1969.
    I read as much as you guys, along with Louis Simmons, Joe Hashey, Elliott Hulse, Greg Glassman, can give me and apply it with a strong sense of purpose.
    I have been a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic for 48 years and give my training regimen and a healthy lifestyle credit for my success as an athlete and coach and exhibitor of what that lifestyle does for a person.
    I know what sound training principles are and know that I can count on your influence to provide training and information that can be applied immediately.
    I have had a lot of success in training and coaching due to my “hard core”, underground approach.
    I live in a townhouse and the info and training gear I pass on to my athletes and clients is always responded with how much more they enjoy coming to my “garage gym” than they do their high school or commercial gyms.
    I pass on how I am influenced by (put those of you I’ve mentioned here).
    I would love to use your program and don’t really know if anyone my age has contributed, but I know you will receive my utmost committment. “The difference between interest and committment is this…When you’re interested in something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuse, just results.”
    I am tired of walking around those that have fallen to the temptations and pitfals of the “Pussification of America.”
    I want to be the example of what a man of my age and a Type 1 Diabetic can do and accomplish.
    My goal is to be the first Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic to become a centeneraian (100 years old). And I will do that by working my ass off.
    “People of character do the right thing even if no one else is, not because they think it will change the world, but because they refuse to be changed by the world.”-Michael Josephson
    I will close with my favorite quote: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the direct result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”
    My best to you and yours and keep up the great work.
    And thanks so much for the inspiration.

  19. Tim Says:

    Hi J & Z,
    Im going to keep this short and sweet. My name is Tim, Im 23 and a personal trainer. Ive been looking for new and interesting ways to train myself and when a friend reffered me to both your websites i was sold! i love this style of training compared to the traditional ways and im ready to SMASH the MOS 12 week program. Theres no doubt that i will do this program wether i win or lose this comp. Either way i will partake in this challenge.

  20. Louie C. Says:

  21. Roberto Aguilar Says:

    Hi Smitty and Zach!

    I live Cancun, I’m dedicated to training, to improve in every aspect of fitness. I’m a father of two. Last year because of swine flu I lost my job, but this did not stoped me from training, I bought a set of weights and dedicated myself to building a home gym while being at home. I built a homemade sled with a tire and a satelite TV dish, a pullup bar and dip bars, a pair of gym rings of pvc, a homemade T-bar and kettlebells, a pair of homemade medicine balls, etc I wish I could afford a camera to show you guys.

    Back when I asisted to a comercial gym I was all about bodybuilding, but as I started last year building my own, I came in contact with webpages like yours and started realizing that there was a lot more than just doing 3 sets of 8 reps and taking suplements. Right now I’m training for the next strongman competition in Cancun and looking forward to winning. Now that I have a job again I still train at home and attend to a comercial gym every once in a while just to go heavy on the barbells.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Hope I have what it takes!!!

  22. paul Says:

    75 years old and still training 3 days a week, using a variety of methodologyies. would appreciate doing and seeing a free program that another whom i trust put together. at this age, i don’t attempt to complete or put max. effort into anything, i just do or die. always exciting to see which might come first?!

  23. Ari B Selig - CSCS Says:

    Herres my video submission. First time Ive ever tried this so let me know if it didnt come through.

    Thanks for the oppurtunity brother.

    Ari Selig – CSCS

  24. Ari B Selig - CSCS Says:

  25. Clifton Smith Says:

    Hey Smitty and Zach,

    My name is Clifton Smith I am 29 years old, I been married for 2 years and I a lil girl. I am currently a professional athlete. I played a few years in the NFL, but I am now playing in the new AFL one league. I enjoy working out and I love the different articles and tips that the diesel crew provide.
    The reason I feel I deserve the Man of Steel program is because I want to feel like the man of steel again. Lately in life I been struggling with my strength and weight. It seems no matter how hard I push myself in the weight room, I am not getting the results I want or should be achieving. I believe in the philosophy “you pass out before you die, so if you aren’t passing out, than keep going“. Like I stated before, I want to feel like the man of steel again, my overall strength was always great but I am going to focus on my bench press because it has taken the biggest hit from life’s trials and tribulations. Coming out of high school and entering college, my bench press max was 365lbs as a freshman linebacker. I played as a true freshman and gained freshman All-American honors. My second year at school I increased my max to 380lbs and dominated on the field and established myself has a defensive force. Opponents talked about how hard I hit and my teammates knew to look out for me in practice. I was such a unmovable force, linemen and fullbacks had problems trying to block me straight up, man to man. Going into my third year at school I increased my max to 405lbs and unfortunately I torn my left pec the first game of the season. I played the whole season and had a less than average year in my opinion, but I was still recognized with conference honors. After getting my pec repaired after the season, I wasn’t the same dominated player. I entered my fourth year just barely lifting 225 lbs. That same fear that opponents and teammates had, wasn’t there anymore. And I quote from one of my teammates “ I’m not scared of you anymore on the field” you are not the same player as before. Well I took that personal to get back to being that man of steel player again. I fell thru on the NFL draft despite being rated as a first day draft pick, I wasn’t drafted at all. I ended up being signed by a team in which I made it on their practice squad team. I used that opportunity to get strong again. Basically taking me 2 years from after surgery I got back to benching 315 lbs. The following season with the same team and year later stronger, I played like a dominate player again. I had a good camp and played good in the preseason games. In the team’s third preseason game I ended up getting hurt, something happen with my left arm. I was in such pain, but was hoping for the best. Well a x ray was taking of my arm but no broken bones at all. So great, I played in the team’s last preseason game and was prepared on making the ball club. But my arm was still bothering me. So ended up getting a MRI and found out that I partially torn my left tricep tendon and that the muscle re-tracked up my arm. Once again I had to have surgery, since than I have never been the same man of steel player again. I haven’t benched over 300 lbs since than and my overall strength hasn’t been the same despite me trying to almost kill myself in the weight room with time and effort.
    I deserve the man of steel program because I have the mental drive and focus to take on this workout program. I know this workout program will not only make me strong again, but I know it will make me a man of steel player again, being that dominate force again. And despite my miss fortunate of getting hurt at completely the wrong times in my career, I know I still have the ability and fire to be the best I can be, mind, body and soul. I have the mind and soul, I just need the body and that is where the Man of Steel program comes in. Thank you for your time and this opportunity. God bless.

  26. Josh Says:

    Hey Smitty and Zach,

    You guys have been an incredible inspiration to me over the years, and have influenced my training and my career.
    It would be an honor to be recognized as someone who has earned this MOS challenge, so I prepared this video response:

    You guys know me and I think you can tell I’m hungry for strength. The Man Of Steel program is made for me.

    Yours in Strength,
    Josh Hewett

  27. Muckel Says:

    Hey Smitty,

    Greetings from Austria. Just say your contest on the net I thought I should check in here.
    I am 40 year old and still hungry for strength and adding lean muscle mass. Since my teen time I am trying to build on some serious muscel mass. Unfortunately with little success, even though I am seriously dedicated and train 5 – 6 day in the gym for now more than 20 years. As far as I have seen from your promo vid that this program will take me one or even more steps further to my goal of lean muscle mass. I will overcome the obstacles of being a socalled hardgainer. My mental power, my dedication in connection with your program will help me to reach my goal.


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