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Strongest Strength Coach at Juniata
Demonstrating the Lifts for the Competition


Strongman Training is a great addition to the athletic strength training program. Check out some of the benefits of Strongman Training:

  • Triple Extension – Many Strongman events involve the powerful action of extending the ankles, hips and knees, just like any sport involving leaping, bounding, and other explosive movements from the lower body.
  • Grip Strength – Strongman events often use implements that are large and cumbersome to grip, especially Thick Bar Axles, Sandbags, Stones, and other Odd Objects, forcing the athlete to develop strength at the end of the kinetic chain – the hands, wrists and forearms
  • Movement Under Tension – Many Strongman events involved carrying implements over a distance. Examples include the Farmer’s Walk, certain Atlas Stone events, Odd Object carries, and the Yoke Walk. It’s one thing to be strong enough to pick something up. It’s another altogether to carry it!
  • Absorb and React to Force – Many Strongman events involve multiple repetitions, especially with overhead lifts, like with the Log or Viking Press. This requires the athlete to tolerate the dynamic center of gravity of the implement.

It’s due to all of these benefits, that I hold the Strongest Strength Coach contest each year at Juniata.

I am a firm believer that Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers should be athletic themselves. It makes a huge difference to athletes and clients when they know their coaches and trainers know what they are talking about, so here is a chance to test yourself and be put through the ringer just like they do each workout.

If you are looking to compete at the Strongest Strength Coach Competition, that will be held at Juniata on June 17th, then check out the video below because it shows you exactly how the events will be contested and judged.

It’s also important for people in the position of teach strength and fitness skills to clients and athletes to be able to draw on many different strength backgrounds. It’s not all about throwing around crazy odd objects like logs. That’s why I included lesser seen objects such as the Mace and the Sled Drag in this event. This should be an eye-opening and idea-generating experience for the Strength Coaches at Juniata, for sure.

Finally, I believe that Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers must have a grasp on proper technique before subjecting athletes and clients to complex movements. If you want your athletes to get the obvious benefits in their strength program by doing Strongman lifts, but you don’t know the technique, then sign up for the Early Bird list for the Strongman Training DVD, coming out soon from Diesel Crew and Strongman Stuff!

See you at Juniata!


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4 Responses to “Strongest Strength Coach at Juniata
Demonstrating the Lifts for the Competition”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    I’m in Jedd!! Looking forward to it! How heavy is the kettlebell?

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Did I leave that out? Sorry – it is a 24-kg/53-lb.

    Who else is in DIESELS???

  3. Boris Garcevic Says:

    Very nice, I just moved gym (have to pay 3 times more than before but I do not mind investing in my body) and they have plenty of great strongman equipment so I am definitely going to play around with that.

  4. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Love that pic with the Mighty Kaz!!!!!

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