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Live UStream Grip Workout This Week

This weekend, I will be holding another massive Grip Training session at my garage in preparation for the annual Christmas season Grip contest, the Gripmas Carol. 

The last time we did this here, I put up a live feed on

It is beyond easy to set these up and I know last time we had like 20+ people logged in at one time and lots of people were asking questions to find out more about competition Grip training.

The plan is to run a structured Grip practice.

What is a Grip practice you might ask?

Well for quite a few years, I have been going to Grip Get Togethers where Grip training, Feats of Strength, and other quite fun lifting have taken place.

However, the lack of structure can mean that more emphasis is put on accomplishing remarkable feats of strength and not enough on building a well-rounded grip.

A well-rounded grip is what you need for success in Grip contests. Plus you need to spend time working on the specific lifts that will be featured at the contest.

You see, Grip is just like any other sport in that you have to practice the fundamentals over and over. For example, in basketball, it is important to practice ball handling, lay-ups, mid-range shots, three-pointers, sprinting, rebounding, boxing out, etc.

Old School Two Hands Pinch

In Grip, you have to be ready for everything: you have to close grippers in a choker, with a set, without a set, etc. You have to two hands pinch on the Euro, you have to pinch blobs, hubs, loose plates. You have to work thick bar, and you have to work narrow support. And on top of all that you have to train both hands evenly and make sure to include max effort, endurance, and repetition work.

Doing just feats of strength would be like shooting half court shots that whole time during basketball practice. It’s like focusing on 5% of the game and letting the other 95% slide away.

This weekend, check out a fun, structured grip routine on my live stream on Ustream. Sunday morning, I will post the link here on the Diesel site. You will be able to view everything that goes on here in my garage from the comfort of your own house.

What’s great about Ustream is that you can learn by watching, and you can also post questions on the live chat that goes on right beside the video! If there is anything you want to know, I will be glad to answer.

So, I invite you all to come and check it out this Sunday. We will start out at noon and be hitting Grip from many different angles so that we are all ready fro the Gripmas Carol on December 12th.

Now, here is the best thing.  I will also be offering prizes to some of the viewers, so make sure you stay tuned to the live stream throughout the day.

One last thing Want to see us do something in particular during the session? Leave me a comment here and we will try to fit it in.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


P.S. Click the link to see more posts on Grip Contests

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4 Responses to “Live UStream Grip Workout This Week”

  1. brent Says:

    I’d like to see me get my MM0 before we get started. We only ever think of that after 5 hours of training.


  2. Joe Hashey Says:


    I hope I can come and do some things – never keeping up with you guys, but Im sure I can learn some things.

    Ill try to get all my filming done tomorrow – I had to turn down skybox tickets to syracuse basketball to film already so I should be bitter and working hard!


  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Brent, let’s get that done as soon as you get warmed up.

    Joe, If you need help filming, you can come down here at 11 and we’ll do it for a warm-up on Sunday.


  4. Tyler Says:

    12 Noon, man thats 9AM here. Looks like I gotta get an early start to my Sunday. Lookin foward to watchen y’all.

    Too bad Oregons full of sissies, nobody wants to do any grip training out here. Gonna be another windy day on the back patio pinchin hubs and leverin’ hammers by myself. Gotta love it!!

    Tear it up guys!!!!


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