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Live Diesel Workout Today

Yo everybody.

We are streaming the very first Live Workout from my new gym today.

Tons of dudes are slated to be here today: Smitty, Brad, Brian, Joe Hashey and his brother, and two local dudes that we have trained with over the years, the Rockwell boys.

That all starts out at 9 and that’s just the first workout.

I’ve also got some grip dudes coming down at noon. Brent Barbe is making the drive from out by Pittsburgh, John Eaton is coming down, and the rumor is Frank Snyder is going to crawl out from under his rock an hour and half away. He is going to stop my ass in grippers and then I am going to kick his because he lives so freakin’ close but never comes by to train!

I am psyched, y’all.

Now, remember we are streaming all of this. I have no idea how to do that, but Smitty is going to set it up when he gets here so when we are all set, just click the link below:

Diesel Strength Live

Until that gets ready, check out the evolution of my gym: Jedd’s Home Gym

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2 Responses to “Live Diesel Workout Today”

  1. Matt English Says:

    Have fun and kick ASS!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    It took a bit, but it is working now, everyone!

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