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Lift, Hold and Control – Development of Grip Strength Seminar

On August 11, 2012, I will be holding a seminar with Niko Hulslander’s gym in Brogue, PA. Niko has been a friend of mine for the last several years and we have been kicking the idea of a seminar around for quite a while and both our schedules will now allow us to do it.

Just $99

Lift, Hold and Control

Below are details on the seminar:


Vision Fitness
2512 Delta Road
Brogue, PA 17309

Event time:

8AM to 2PM


The seminar will involve lecture, demonstration, and hands-on training with Grip Specific implements. The idea is to cover High Impact Grip Training and Techniques you can use for the biggest Bang in your training.


Intro & Basics of Grip Strength

Crush Grip / Grippers
     – Proper Setting Techniques
     – Program Design

     – Types of Pinch Grip Training
     – Two Hands Pinch Training
     – Blobs and Block Weights

Support Grip Training
     – Grip Training for Improved Deadlift Performance
     – Farmer’s Walk

Thick Bar Training
     – Axle
     – Inch Dumbbell

Integration Training
     – Turning a common weakness into your most powerful asset

Recovery / Injury Prevention

Questions are welcomed throughout the course of the seminar. Any spare time left over following the seminar will be used for more hands-on training or planning how to implement the information going forward.

Bonuses for Signing Up:

As a bonus, for anyone that signs up and pays for the seminar, they will receive a complimentary copy of the DVD from the event, once they are edited and produced.

In addition, anyone who attends the seminar will also receive a complimentary 30-day trial membership to The Grip Authority, complete with full membership benefits.


The cost to attend the seminar is $99 if you sign up prior to August 4th. After that date, the price will be $99.

Just $99

As you know, I like to stay busy, and I have no idea when I will do another seminar like this, so take action right now and sign up today.

I can’t wait to meet you and train with you on August 11th.

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