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Lift for Haiti

Lift for Haiti


It is so easy to get angry because of the stresses and struggles of everyday life.  I know, I have many things that weigh on my mind everyday.

But sometimes when tragedies happen, you find out what is really important.

I’ve been watching the news footage of the horror that has happened in Haiti with the 7.0 earthquake (and another 6.1 a week later) and I just couldn’t hold it together.  Yeah I cried, I can admit it.

I can also admit when I was a much younger man, without kids, the events probably would not have hit me so hard.  I had a naive view of the world and I was very selfish.  It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that news stories on tv about child abductions and other bad things really starting having an effect on me.

During the coverage of Haiti I saw a young boy, probably 10 years old pulled from the rubble after 7 days of being buried.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t even appear scared.  He did something much more amazing.  He opened up his arms real wide and smiled.  The biggest, brightest smile I had ever seen.  I mean it crushed me.  This little boy was so incredible.

I laughed through the tears about all the bullshit in my life that wasn’t so big or wasn’t so tough.

The human spirit was alive in this young man.  I had never felt so overwhelmed to do something.  I thought there is no way with the devastation that I could make any type of difference but I couldn’t stop thinking about this kid.

That is why, on February 13th I am going to get the guys together and we are going to lift.  Hopefully reach our goal of 20 tons and beyond.  As many reps of as many exercises as possible in one session.

It will be called Lift for Haiti.

When: Feb 13, 2010

What: Benefit for Haiti, all proceeds go to Clinton / Bush Haiti Fund

Goal: Lift 20 tons

I am hoping our efforts inspire a donation from you.  Any amount of money.  If you can give $1, $5, $10 or $20 + that is awesome!  I am taking 100% of this money and giving it to the Clinton / Bush Haiti Fund.

Please donate with the button below and you can choose any amount of money you can give.  I hope to raise as much money as possible so please post on every forum and every blog you can.

I will also be filming Lift for Haiti and put it up on Diesel as a tribute to everyone who donated who has donated previously through other organizations.

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12 Responses to “Lift for Haiti”

  1. Paul Says:

    This is fantastic. That kid isn’t the only inspiration here… props to you Smitty and all the Diesel Crew team. I’ll be looking forward to watching you guys smash those lifts!

  2. Rick Walker Says:

    Mirror my workout from today Smitty and hit an easy 20+ tons.

    -Squats: 135 x10, 135 x5, 185 x5, 225 x1, 260 x20, 365 x1, 420 x1

    -Leg press: 185 x50, x50

    -Standing calves: 160 x50, x50

    -Seated calves: 115 x20, x20, x20

    = 50,560 pounds or 25.28 tons.

    Done in 50 minutes door to door.

    Go get it!

  3. Thomas Says:

    Hi Smitty,
    Fantastic campain. I hope you will be able to collect lots of money for the people in Haiti.
    I already donated 100Euro´s (round 140 Dollars) to an austrian organisation called “Nachbar in Not”

    You and the other guys of Dieselcrew will lift much more then 20to. That i am sure.
    With all the energy from your campain I think each of you will do around 30to. (motivation pure)

    Iam looking forward to see the post of the calculation of the lift and also how much you could collect with your campain.

    Go get it Diesel´s!!

  4. rees Says:

    You’re doing something great man.

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Rees!

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Thomas!

  7. Jim Smith Says:

    We’ll do our best Rick.

  8. Bill Says:

    Hey Mr Smith –

    Would love to help but my own people here in Arizona USA are in a world of hurt themselves. The snow is so deep out there that we’ve been shoveling snow, using four-wheel drives, even the National Guard has been assisting with a couple helicopters making drops to the elders unable to get out of where they live. We’ve found a lot of white flags on roof tops (if they haven’t caved in from all the snow – up to 6 feet in some places) calling for help. We’ve made tons of drops of food, water, coal, and hay for the livestock. You won’t hear this on the news because it is so remote out there – it’s local and no need for national events. These are the same people who saved America with their secret Native code-talk. So forgive me for not giving to your great cause. On the other hand, job well done and it is always wonderful to have connections with people, as you, who have a kind and generous heart. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Bill.

  9. Jim Smith Says:

    Bill, stay strong out there brother, thanks for the note and kind words!

  10. Johan Says:


    Lift for Haiti is really a great idea! I’m so glad I decided to have a look at today. Good luck with the lifting and keep up the good work!


  11. Jim Smith Says:

    Thank you so much Johan for your kind words and donation!

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