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Kimbo vs. Tyson

Rumor has it that a Kimbo vs. Tyson bout is a possibility. Kimbo first has to get through James “The Colossus” Thompson on May 31st. I last pics I saw of Tyson, he was about 300 lbs. That much weight on a 5′ 10″ frame isn’t a good thing for the former champ.

Obviously the fight would be a publicity stunt and wouldn’t prove anything as far as Kimbo’s legitimacy, but I’m sure Tyson could use the money.

I’ve been a Tyson fan since the beginning and think he was one of the top 5 heavyweights of all time, but Kimbo is in his prime right now (even though he is in his mid-30’s) and Tyson is far from his fighting weight.

It wouldn’t make it out of the first round, Kimbo by KO.

Weigh in with your predictions…


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12 Responses to “Kimbo vs. Tyson”

  1. brian d Says:


    Iron Mike is rusty, Kimbo will let him into round 2, only 3 seconds though.

  2. thefightgeek Says:

    If Tyson could get into shape?? And keep his head together?? then he would slaughter Kimbo. But they are big ifs.

    Tyson isn’t too old to do still be able to do his thing. I just don’t think he has the desire to get into the shape required to fight at his potential.


  3. Brandon Says:

    In Shape Or Not Head Together Or Not At This Point In Tysons Life Hes not Touching Kimbo And Its Just Because Tyson Needs Cash

    But Also A FACT Anything Can happen In A MMA Fight

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would much rather watch someone like Anderson Silva withstand Kimbos onslaught, take his back and choke him out, than I would want to see a has been boxer get beat by an overated street thug.

    It makes me sick that Kimbo is now the face of MMA. The guy has only fought punching bags. There is a list of about 200 actual Mixed Martial Artist who would tear this boxer/brawler apart.

    For those who say that submissions are boring, I remind you that if it were not for tapping out, a choke is a death move and arm bars and leg locks would lead to broken bones sticking out of people and permanant disabilities.

    I wish Kimbo would either go back to Youtube or at the very least earn his way to the headline by winning his way to the top.

  5. big balls Says:

    tyson is a Mother F***n Bull, he would murder kimbo if he had the proper training, 300lbs is far from fight weight but if tyson would have time he would KO kimbo in the 3rd …. i lay 100000000000000 on it

  6. tjt Says:

    Is this boxing or mma?

    Tyson by KO easy

    kimbo by submission

  7. John Says:

    If tyson has at least 16 weeks to get ready Kimbo wont stand a chance .. he is a bum a tough bum ..but not even in the elite athlete class . His ego would get the better of him and he would go toe to toe with Mike and loose.

  8. akyoda32 Says:

    you have got to be kidding me hahahhahaha! In a ring maybe but in the octagon not an ice cubes chance in hell. Tyson will be Kimbo’s new chew toy lol as long as he watches his ears hahahahhahahahahahahhahah. I don’t see this as even being entertaining except for the novelty of the match up. Oh man I needed that laugh. thanks guys.

  9. Clay Says:

    Tyson, when in his prime was the hardest hitter in boxing history. Kimbo is nothing but a one- trick pony, a street brawler who would look pathetic if matched against anyone with professional training. Tyson, though 300lbs, wouldn’t need to regain the skills he has in the 80s to take Kimbo out. My money on Tyson if he can get below 240lbs.

  10. tonyjoe Says:

    My question is why is Tyson always the object of all fighters(from other disciplines)I would bet on Tyson if he was 20 and had his original trainer.Kimbo needs to fight Fedor or the big guy from IFL,or even the current boxing heavy weight champion:klicho or however his name is.a good strong street fighter would beat up kimbo and any of the others.

  11. Dave Says:

    you guys are idiots, tyson would not stand a chance, he is washed up, even with proper training tyson wouldnt stand a chance, as of now kimbo will hit harder and be smarter in the octagon. Tyson was a great boxer, but that is all he HAD going for him, he would be clueless in a octagon situation. Kimbo is being trained by Bas Rutten and he has gotten kimbo to mma fighting shape. Kimbo has every aspect working for him. Kimbo could ground and pound or stand up with tyson. Every 1 says kimbo is over rated and he fights scrubs. kimbo will work his way up, he has potential to be great, the best fighters are heavy hitters, now that kimbo is working in the ground aspect he will be unstoppable. Kimbo is a octagon fighter and tyson would get destroyed. Tyson’s game (boxing) wouldnt even be kimbo caliber as of now, kimbo is young and can hit harder still dont see how tyson is even in the discussion, Kimbo we be on the top of the mma ladder if he continues training. you people need to get a clue…. just because he got his face with little effort does not mean he is a top fighter..he will fight all your ufc favorites and he will hold his own…just wait… by the way i still say kimbo has a great ground game… he just hasnt had a chance to use it, kimbo in a full mount = murder kimbo uses what kimbo can win with, and fyi, its working

  12. N8 Says:

    Kimbo almost lost that fight against Thompson…Out of shape, 300lbs, Tyson could still swing faster then Kimbo…BUT, Kimbo has more heart and toughness…If! the fight happens, Tyson has to win in the 1st round. If it goes longer Kimbo wins.

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