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The Clam Bake Workout

I got my butt kicked!

This past weekend was my family’s annual family clam bake to celebrate my parents’ birthdays. They fall within a couple days of each other, so right around that time we steam a bunch of little neck clams and drinks some assorted beverages and just enjoy each others company with a few other members of the extended family.
It’s a great time every year. It is one time where I just relax, drink some beers and devour some clams.

So as I was driving around to help get things set up Thursday and Friday, I thought it would be cool to throw it out there to my Facebook friends to have them challenge me for my Saturday morning workout and really work up my appetite so I could go for “PR” in clam eating.

It’s fun to get ideas from other trainees because they always end up pushing me to do something I would probably NEVER subject myself to.

So, Friday night I got on and asked any and all comers to post suggestions for my workout, including the movement, sets, and reps. I got some awesome and difficult ideas. Here they are:

Chris Duffey: 32kg kettlebell one arm long cycle 20 minutes 6 rpms unlimited hand switch. No setting it down…

I have never done long cycle of anything in my life, as usually if I do kettlebell work it is juggling with the 95-lber. In fact I never had anything besides the 95-lb and the 30-lb kettlebells until a few weeks ago, so this challenge was freaking tough. I didn’t even come close! Chris Duffey, you are a sick man! Can you do this? If so, you are AWESOME! Thanks for for the highly challenging test of will and endurance.

I did 6 rounds of at least 6 reps with each hand. I may have actually gotten 7 rounds, but I was so destroyed I lost count, but I definitely got 6 rounds. I got the first few rounds on video, but then my memory was full, so I had to use my old camera, so I didn’t tape everything.

Next was…

Josh Dale: wet down your field until it’s a bog and put on your heaviest boots and tromp back forth doing high knees til failure

This was meant to be a joke, but I combined this with the next one…

Matt Chips: push a car

I didn’t have anyone to steer the car, so instead I did Prowler Pushes, and to take Josh’s suggestion into account, I did them in leather work boots. The boots didn’t have much of an effect. Luckily the grass was still somewhat moist when I got out there, so the Prowler moved pretty smooth. If it were dry when I got out there, I would have been S.O.L.

Charlie Ackley: Get a half bar with a lot of dimes (10 pounders). Start off with a single dime on each side. Curl for 10 reps. Repeat increasing the weight by one dime on each side until you can barely do ten. Then work your way down the ladder by removing the dimes.

I don’t know what I ever did to you in High School, Charlie, but my biceps are aching today, brother.

I used a full Powerlifting bar and started out with the bar empty and hit ten, then added a dime and hit ten, and kept going until I could not finish ten reps. It only took me going with three dimes a side. Then I totally forgot about working my way back down and just stripped the plates off. I went through this for four sets.

It was nice to do some dedicated bicep work! Thanks Charlie, hope you’re doing well!

James McDougall: Deck squats into drop push ups ..60 seconds work 20 seconds rest..5 rounds….Just a wee warm up for ya.

I meant to look up what exactly these were but I forgot before going downstairs, so I put in some Tac Fit Commando stuff at the end. I only did one set, because I was just about out of time before having to go to the clam bake.

Guy Razi: 50 burpees, sandbag carry 100 yards; 50 burpees, tire flip 100 yards; 50 burpees, farmer’s walk 100 yards; 50 burpees, bear crawl 100 yards

I have some very sick Facebook friends… 😉

I was so short on time by the time I got to this challenge that I could only do three sets. I did 10 burpees followed by recline rows, then 10 burpees followed by Demolition Club Pendulums, then 10 burpees followed by 10 more Demolition Club Pendulums with the opposite hand orientation. This was my favorite section of the workout, with the kettlebell work close behind!

All in all, this was probably the most demanding workout I have ever done by myself at my gym. I really appreciate everybody who chimed in because it enhanced my workout big time!

I plan on opening the door to more sick suggestions again in the future, but I am going to try to put the wall post up a bit earlier in the week, because a lot of people missed it. I originally posted it Friday night, so a lot of people missed it and then made a post when I was already training or after the workout.

So if you want to try to put me through a hellish workout, make sure to add me as a friend on Facebook. You can go to my page here = > Jedd’s Facebook Page.

I got at least one set of each challenge on tape. You’ll see pretty quick that this workout throttled me, but I’m not afraid to admit it. Now I know where I need to improve to be more well rounded in the gym.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


P.S. If you ever want to challenge me, feel free to leave a comment here and maybe we can go “head-to-head” in our own garages and then post up the videos here on the site.

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7 Responses to “The Clam Bake Workout”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    You earned the clams! Hope you ate a lot and had a great day with your family!!

  2. Ken Rogers Says:

    Can’t even eat some clams without havin a crazy workout. Way to earn those clams!

    Ken Rogers

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    I t was a beautiful and the clams were stupendous. I’m not sure if it was a PR, but anytime I get to hang out with all the family is a day to remember!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    @ Ken Thanks. Really enjoyed the workout everyone supplied me! Looking forward to the next workout.

  5. Sam Says:

    Hey Jedd,

    Try this for a workout. Its a bench mark workout for all my rugby player. Entry weight is 40kg/90lbs.

    The middle combination rounds 3,4 and 5 get you big time.

    Currently using respiritory resistance methods with this workout now. Would be great to exchange opinions.



  6. Jedd Says:


    Brilliant minds think alike. I just got my hands on a snorkel the other day!


  7. Jedd Says:


    That looks awesome. Please post this on my Facebook wall the next time I do this, just in case I forget.


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