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Killer Conditioning – Sled Dragging – Prowler Pushing

I trained with the rest of the Diesel guys, the dudes from Krank Systems, Mark from Elmira Fitness Club and Taylor Sexton a few months back.

As a finisher to the already 3-hour workout, we finished with the Diesel Man Maker.

I admittedly do not do enough conditioning in my normal routine, so this killed me.

I don’t have all of the weights that were used, but it was ENOUGH – I can tell you that much. Check out the video…

Sled Dragging and Prowler work is a fantastic way to improve your fitness, conditioning, and strength levels and I’d like to help more people get started with this type of training.

In fact, tonight at 9PM EST, I am holding a Twitterchat with my longtime friend from “Down Under” Scott Bird.

Never done a Twitterchat? No problem, it’s easy.

First off, add me as a friend on Twitter => Jedd Johnson on Twitter.

Next, check out the background info on this week’s Twitterchat.

Third, write down any questions you might have about Sled Dragging, Prowler Work, the video above, ANYTHING you’d like to ask me and Scott.

Lastly, log onto Twitter or your favorite Twitter platform (I prefer TweetDeck) at 9PM tonight and ask away!

It should be a cool time, tonight for the Twitterchat. I have done a few of these with Scott and we always get the chance to interact with a lot of good people and help them get started in new directions in their strength and fitness journeys.

I look forward to chatting with you!

All the best in your training.


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Check out the Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual.

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    where has Smitty been hybernating at? Haven’t seen him post anything since november.

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