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Update – Training for the Snatch Test

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Over the weekend, I put up a post (directly below) asking for assistance with my kettlebell snatch technique for the RKC Snatch Test.

Many of you posted comments, and I really appreciate it because there is more bad technique stuff going on with my snatch than I realized.

However, I have great news!

UPDATE: On Sunday, I was able to hit 105 reps in 5 minutes!

Now, my form (especially with my right hand) is still pretty rough, so I need to work on that, but I guess my conditioning wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was.

This was my repetition sequence: Left – 32, Right – 29, Left – 15, Right – 15, Left – 12, Right – 2

8/29/10 – 100 Rep Snatch Test Training

I have Grip Strength Nationals coming up this weekend. I can’t afford to rip a callus off this close to the contest, so I am going to wait to train the Snatch again until Sunday or Monday. I am glad that I got right into it and pushed myself ahead of time, because it has been a huge mental boost for me going into my Grip Comp, plus I won’t worry about taking about a week off of snatching.

From what I have been told, there is a lot more stuff that goes on at these clinics than just snatch tests, so once Nationals has gone by I am also going to start hitting a ton of Swings and Get-ups to get ready.

One thing that has surprised me is how FANTASTIC my back feels during these 100-rep tests. So loose and limber, it’s amazing.

I’m looking forward to the next snatch test session, as I want to implement some of the technical improvement suggestions made in the last post I made. For whatever reason I am hitting way more reps with my left hand and the technique with that arm is a lot rougher than the right. If I can get that buttoned up, I’ll be able to get to 100 a lot more efficiently.

It was great to hit this PR. I wish you the best with your own PR’s this week.

Make it a great day!


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5 Responses to “Update – Training for the Snatch Test”

  1. Faizal Enu Says:

    Jedd, I have some tips for you if you want them…I don’t know when you are taking your test, I don’t like to make big changes right before…

    Let me know here if you want ’em…

  2. brent Says:

    are you allowed to keep switching hands like that? I thought you were only allowed one switch?

  3. James Says:

    Nice work, it looks a ton better then those first videos. 105 in 5 min your killing. You shouldnt have any problems with the test.

    If your taking concern for your hands, I wouldnt do the longer reps per arm in your near futre training, just until your goals are met at Grip Nats. Form looked much more crisp this time.

    As I know you dont have to switch hands like that at the bottom,it would be shit if you got down to it and the bell slipped out on that bottom transition just because its kinda of awkward. Logan would know of a better way that saves more time. I would def ask his advice.

    All in all good work Jedd keep it up, good luck at Nats.

  4. Eric Moss RKC Says:

    You can switch hands as many times as you want. This is a conditioning and overhead stability test…not Girevoy Sport.

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I was screwing up the transfer. I saw Dave Whitley point out how to do the switch correctly years ago and forgot. I was reminded when I watched Logan murder 251 in ten minutes in his video. I just need to practice my technique and hone it up.

    When I resume my training for this, I will play with the tempo of the repetitions. My arms def tire out going for 25 repetitions per arm, but doing 10 or 15 is nothing. If I can hit 10 or 15 every time then switch efficiently, I think I can get well over 100.

    Thanks again for the advice to all on YouTube and here at the site.


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