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Fast Feat Friday: Recent Kettlebell Training Feat

This is just a quick video to give you something to check out at your leisure on a Friday afternoon and over the weekend…

You all know I like trying out different Feats of Strength

I was recently enjoying several days of High Volume Grip Training when I wanted to challenge myself with some very dynamic tests of grip strength.

What I decided to try was going for forward flips with the 95-lb Kettlebell while wearing cotton gloves.

These gloves are some of the slickest around. They are by far slicker than anything else I have ever worn while flipping kettlebells.

You’ll see the bell rip right out of my right hand, which was much more beat up than my left due to lots more Vulcan Gripper work.

Wearing gloves while flipping kettlebells isn’t something I do all the time, but it is pretty fun and challenging.

If you give it a try make sure your technique is solid, your hands are warmed up, and that you start out light! Don’t go ripping a finger out of its socket!

Question for you Have you tried any new feats lately? What’s the weirdest you ever tried? Leave a comment below…

All the best in your training.


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3 Responses to “Fast Feat Friday: Recent Kettlebell Training Feat”

  1. Derrick"BionicMan"Clark Says:

    Well, I took a exercise from parkours called the cat balance.But Instead I perform it on a chain link ,like a rail did it with one arm.That take serious body control ,balance and strength.But I start out with two hands,to I get balance,then i used one arm and held for 5 second.

  2. Muscle Building Underground Says:

    Nice job Jedd. The kettle bells are a great way to build what I call useful strength. I’ll social bookmark this.

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks brother.

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