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John Beatty – Strongman

I want to send a shout-out to my buddy, John Beatty. He got on America’s Got Talent and did freakin’ awesome.

If you don’t know John, on top of being a Registered Nurse and a performing strongman, he also runs the company Fat Bastard Barbell Company, and is a hell of a nice guy!

Check out his awesome performance below.

Congratulations John! It was great seeing this video!

Can’t believe Pierce gave you a hard time, but I guess you showed him!

Keep up the great work and best of luck at the next round.


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6 Responses to “John Beatty – Strongman”

  1. Zach Says:

    wow that was pretty sweet! America’s Got Talent isn’t really my type of show but I may start watching the episodes that guy is on, I hope he wins!

  2. Jedd Says:

    Same with me. Don’t tune into any reality shows, really. But I will tune in for John, for sure.

  3. Miguel Says:

    This guy made Piers look like such a fool! I love it! I wish nothing but the best to John Beatty! He is the MAN!!!!

  4. Dennis Board Says:

    Saw your boy tonight. he did a partial dead with about 9oolbs and held two motorcycles together. Pretty wicked stuff, he doesn’t look all that big either on TV. He definitely has alot of power though!

  5. Miguel Says:

    He made it to the next round and going to Hollywood next! Good luck John!

  6. Mekalia Says:

    Not only is he awesome on the telivision he is wicked awesome in real life to. I’ve talked to him on email and he seems like a nice guy. And if peirce the BUZZMAN is reading this he made you look terrible on tv. Not that you don’t do that yourself!

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