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“I’ve Given Up on Myself Plenty of Times…”

Directly from Ross Enamait’s Blog:

The inspirational story of Stevie Zee. Stevie talks about his long road from depression to fulfilling a dream.

How about this, quit complaining about:

  • Not being able to lose weight
  • Not being able to build muscle
  • Not fulfilling your dream
  • Not making enough moneyNot being the person you want to be

Try this:

  • Eat right
  • Work harder in the gym
  • Start laying the plans and small target goals to get your dreams
  • Keep working hard and improving yourself

Start today!

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3 Responses to ““I’ve Given Up on Myself Plenty of Times…””

  1. Mike Says:

    F—ing Awesome!!!

    Great job guys finding this one.


  2. Graeme Says:

    Thats so f%^king Awesome, so much inspiration can be had from this. Going to be drawing on this today when i race…

  3. Salem Says:


    but what is this cylindercal thing on his left side abs?

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