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It’s Time to Melt Steel like Thermite

Thermite (n)

1. a composition of a metal powder and a metal oxide, which can melt its way through even the thickest of metal supplied to it

2. a term used to describe the absolute ease you will have in bending nails, bolts, rolled steel, and other bars after you watch this DVD:

Order Your Copy = > Nail Bending – How to Melt Steel with Your Bare Hands

The long wait is over.

Right now, all over the world, orders are being processed.

By this time next week, hundreds of people will watch this DVD.

In two weeks time, these same people will begin developing the obsession with Bending perfectly good fastening devices into U and Y-shapes.

And in a few months time, there will be an all-out onslaught on the Red Nail, Fat Bastard Stock, and other various Challenge Bars.

Nothing is going to stand in your way toward accomplishing your goals – NOTHING.

When it comes to Strength Training, there are a few different ways you can improve:

1. Work Harder

Some people are not willing to put the work in to get better. They lack motivation. They lack the drive.

However, working as absolutely hard as you possibly can, can have detrimental effects to progress. Your own motivation can be the thing that holds you back.

2. Work More Often / More Volume

Some people lack the energy to put the work in. They are unable to get any momentum because they don’t put enough time in their training and preparation.

Unfortunately, working too often, doing too much volume, and going about things unwisely can get you hurt and stunt your progress even more.

2. Coaching / Guidance

Some people have no direction. Like tiny children lost in the park, they wonder around trying different methods for short periods and bounce around like the Plinko chip on the Price is Right.

This is where I come in.

I am here to steer people in the right direction and give them the knowledge they can use to succeed. I have put together this Nail Bending DVD to show you the Best Practices for Serious Nail Benders:

Nail Bending Best Practices that I will Show You

  • Wrapping Methods: I show you what the most commonly used materials are for safe and powerful bending, as well as how to properly wrap so that you are able to drill into your nail or bar with utmost viciousness
  • Bending Technique Demonstrations: I show you the main three Bending Techniques, covering each one slowly and methodically, allowing you to follow along with me and copy my movements right there at your TV screen or Computer monitor.
  • Strength Training for Bending: This section includes only HIGH IMPACT TRAINING METHODS for building foundational strength and further bending power. There is NO FLUFF.
  • Injury Prevention: Bending is too fun and rewarding to stuck on the shelf. I show you ways to take care of yourself so that you can keep from getting hurt and maybe even get better from conditions you might have already from poor practices.

Like every product I make, I worked my ass off on this DVD for you. I am proud to introduce it to the strength training world.

Get your copy here = > Nail Bending Instructional DVD

All the best in your training.


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