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It Was a Big Weekend in Grip Sport

Over the weekend, some of the biggest news to take place in the Grip World for several years went down in a small town called Crooksville, Ohio.

A relative newcomer to the sport off Grip, Kody Burns, has officially broken the overall World Record in the Two Hands Pinch, with a lift of 270.52-lbs!

The reason I stress overall record is that Kody actually shattered the previous marks that were set in several other weight classes as well. In Grip Sport, if a competitor is competing in one of the lower weight classes and lifts a weight that breaks the record in the heavier weight classes, the weight stands for the upper classes as well.

I believe, on Saturday, Kody was competing in the 93-kilo bodyweight class (if this is proven to be incorrect, I will modify this later on). What this means is the Kody is now the World Record Holder in the 93k, 105k, 120k, and 120k+ classes.

JL Holdsworth

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That a lighter man has lifted such a heavy weight is very significant. First off, it has long been argued that Grip is a sport that is heavily dependent on bodyweight. In other words, in order to lift big weights in an event, you had to be big, heavy, and monstrous.

If anyone reading this has been operating under this assumption, you need to get out of that mentality right now. Thinking like that only serves to pidgeon-hole yourself and limit your performance. You all have the potential for much, much more – don’t let your mind seal you off from attaining big numbers.

Here is the amazing video of all of Kody’s attempts, including his BIG LIFT of 270.52-lbs!

I want to point one other mind-blowing fact about the succession of Kody’s attempts. In the video, you can see that his attempts go 230, 235, 245, 270. Check out the last two lifts: 245 and then 270. Now, I do not dedicate every single one of my lifts to memory, but I can tell you for certain that I have never made a jump anywhere near 25-lbs between two attempts and gotten it.

A 25-lb difference feels very, very different in your hands on the Euro Pinch. It is not like a deadlift or bench press, where 25-lbs jumps don’t make you bat an eye. This is something that really jumped out at me. If I had been there, I would have been worried that he’d miss the lift due to the jump alone. However, from what Kody said, he never intended to break the record, so a more deliberate ramp up to the record-breaking weight did not cross his mind. Just an awesome performance, all around.

I can’t wait to record the next episode of Grip Strength Radio, because Kody will be our guest. I actually lined this up with him while we were recording the JL Holdsworth episode, posted above, which we recorded on Black Friday Night, I believe. If we hadn’t already set it up though, I am pretty sure that someone else would have gotten bumped. You can’t ignore happenings like this.

So, stay tuned for Grip Strength Radio, and stay tuned for more excitement in the coming months in the Sport of Grip. Anytime something big like this takes place, it gets people excited and usually many other cool things take place.

All the best in your training.


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