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Iron Masters Recognition – LTC Nathen Acree Jr

Diesel Iron Masters

With Independence Day being here, today’s Iron Masters recognition comes at a perfect time.

Today we meet LTC Nathen Acree Jr, who retired from the Army in 1995 and was recently recalled at age 59.

LTC Nathen Acree Jr

LTC Nathen Acree Jr

The nomination for LTC Nathen Acree Jr was sent in by his son, Austin Acree.
Austin shared a great story about his dad. Check it out:

    “Hi Jedd. I’d like to nominate my father, LTC Nathen Acree Jr. as an Iron Master. He has been lifting since the 70’s when he joined the US Army until his retirement in 1995.

    In 2005 when I was 14 I needed a kidney transplant, my father wanted to donate his kidney but the doctor said he was too old and his cholesterol was too high. So he went back to working out running 3 miles everyday and began weightlifting again. He was 55 at the time.

    After 3 months of this intense training he had lost over 30 lbs. and significantly lowered his cholesterol. Long story short he was able to donate one of his kidneys and I’m alive today because of it.

    Since this time he has had to deal with skin cancer and other health issues, but he hasn’t slacked. He has also been recalled to serve in the army at 59. Now he gets up at 3 AM to go run his 3 miles and lift weights with his fellow troops.

    He may not win any lifting contests, but he’s the world’s strongest man to me.”

As you can see, another great story from the Diesel Universe. Thanks so much for sharing this story with us, Austin and to LTC Nathen Acree Jr, thank you so much for service for our country. I am proud to put this story up on the Diesel site. I wish you both nothing but the best in your health and training.

If you would like to nominate someone you know for Diesel Iron Masters, send me an email at jedd(dot)diesel(at)gmail(dot)com. Tell me about the person your recognizing and shoot me a picture so we can see who they are.

For more information on the program, go here = > Iron Master


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3 Responses to “Iron Masters Recognition – LTC Nathen Acree Jr”

  1. Deven Says:

    Before this, I have to admit – I had never heard of the Iron Masters or anything along those lines but that is truly an incredible story. My best wishes to you and your father Austin, and as Jedd said, thank you LTC Nathen Acree Jr for serving our country.

  2. Jedd Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and showing your support, Deven. Iron Masters is brand new. I want to recognize those hard working older athletes that continue to kill it while their peers have checked out of the fitness game long ago. And also the ones who realize they must take hold of their health and start on the road to strength and fitness later on but keep it going.

    Feel free to send in a recognition, guys!

    I’ve been contacted today about a group recognition that will be coming in soon – someone I personally know. It’s gonna be a good one, for sure!


  3. Steve Says:

    What a great mentor and hero to have Austin!!! Thanks for a great story and a BIG THANK YOU for the service to this great nation! I hope that my son who heads to boot camp at the end of summer has gained similar knowledge.

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