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Iron Masters – Bruce Eckrote

A few weeks ago, I posted that I wanted to start doing a formal recognition for the people who we all admire for their dedication to the craft of strength, health and fitness into their upper years.

This recognition, called Iron Masters, would be for anyone over 40 who trains with the iron, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and is an example that we can all look up to. If you’d like to read more about this, you can check out my original post on Iron Masters, here = > Iron Masters.
I am proud to post our first nomination, coming from Mike Eckrote from Wayne, NJ. Mike writes:

    The person who I wish to tell you about is the hardest working person I had ever met in my life. His morals and ethics will carry with me for the rest of my life.

    This person is my father.

    I would say for a solid 30 years of living in Wayne, NJ, he trained consistently and hard, every morning waking up at 4:00 to train in the basement.

    In March of 2005, he began running again. Not just a simple jog though. He would run down a hill to a nearby lake, around the lake and back up the same hill every morning with 15 lb dumbbells in each hand.

    He began doing this when he was 52 and continued right up until the end. In October of 2009 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although this was a shock it didn’t stop him.

    He pretty much said “f*ck cancer” and decided not to let it affect the way he spent the rest of his life.

    He continued to run all the way up until his passing away in December, on the cold, early mornings when everyone else was sound asleep.

    Aside from being a great man and totally hilarious he was a serious worker and downright kicked ass. He will always be remembered.

    Thanks for your time,
    Great site
    Mike Eckrote
    R.I.P. Bruce Eckrote December 1st, 2009

Mike also sent me this picture of his dad and him at the 2008 Rehobeth Beach National Baseball Tournament.

Thanks for sending this in, Mike. Not only is it special because it is the first nomination we received, but it is special with me because my dad and I have spent countless hours together on the baseball field.

Send in Your Nominations

If you have someone that you would like to salute for Iron Masters, please send a short write-up in to me at jedd(dot)diesel(at)gmail(dot)com. We’re looking for strength and fitness trainees who don’t let age get in the way of their goals and keep on hitting it from the age of 40 and up!

Thanks and all the best in your training.



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8 Responses to “Iron Masters – Bruce Eckrote”

  1. michael Says:

    Wow! Truly inspiring. I get tired of seeing advice from in shape 20 something year olds. Its easy to be in shape when you are young. Not so much when you get older. Great article.

  2. tnthudson Says:

    Excellent idea! This is a great first nomination…my wife had pancreatic cancer (thank God it’s gone now) and to do what that dude did with the pain, fatigue, etc. that comes with pancreatic cancer is amazing.
    I’ll be 42 in about a month and my wife will be 40 this year, and we’ve both hit the weights/cardio/kettlebells/AMD/etc. after realizing that you don’t live forever and we want to be fit as long as we can.
    Again, great idea to keep people motivated, Jedd.

  3. Smitty Says:

    Awesome story and great follow-up tnthudson!

  4. Coach Mike Says:

    Age and treachery over youth and skill! Great idea Jedd! Thanks mike for sharing your dads story!

  5. Paloma Says:

    Thats awesome! Its great motivation to keep up my workouts and a healthy lifestyle. I love hearing stories that show age is simply just a number!

  6. Jedd Says:

    Thanks for posting Mike. Keep the submissions coming, guys!


  7. Steve Says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike. Sorry for your loss but so glad you had a great mentor, teacher and dad! I am living with Prostate Cancer (if going to get any this is one to find early) and will continue to change all the bad eating habits that my hardgainer body has been able to deal with and continue to hit the iron. Between the change of eating and getting even more fit…will kick the crap out of the cancer. If not, well I will be in great shape to deal with the treatment!

  8. Jedd Says:


    Keep working hard my man. We’re pulling for you to kick it’s ass!


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