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Iron Cross Banded Good Mornings

Hey check this out.  I was lucky enough to attend the Secrets of Strength Seminar down in NJ a few months ago.  While I was there, I was talking with my boy Joe Defranco and was telling him about a modification for the banded goodmornings his athletes were doing.

I told Joe the goal of banded good mornings was not only to activate the posterior chain (glutes,  hamstrings, erectors (isometrically)) while grooving a neutral position hip flexion/extension movement.  I told Joe if we hope to engage the posterior we need to engage the upper back, including the lats, rhomboids and traps.  Joe is a smart dude and he exactly what I was talking about as soon as I said it.

Band pull aparts are a great way to target this upper back musculature.  So why not combine the two movements.

Here is Joe’s video giving me props and again providing his athlete’s with some innovative training means.

Thanks Joe!

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6 Responses to “Iron Cross Banded Good Mornings”

  1. Pedro A. Morales Says:

    Wow, that’s Killer, this is going in the Toolbox!!! Joe is the Man, and Diesel Crew, well, come on so are you guys, awesome Drill!


    Pedro A.Morales

  2. Pedro A. Morales Says:


    John Alvino does this Cool, Good Morning Drill with a Medicine/D-Ball overhead, I wonder how that would work with the Band around the neck??!


    Pedro A. Morales

  3. Bill Says:

    Hello again Smitty. Thanks for another innovative contribution. Just so I understand… are you suggesting that by recruiting the musculature of the upper back the posterior chain is worked more effectively OR the isometric band pull apart is simply a way to enage a different muscle group with a single exercise.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    “by recruiting the musculature of the upper back the posterior chain is worked more effectively”

    Yes, exactly! People forget that the posterior chain INCLUDES the upper back.

  5. Bill Long Says:

    NICE put that in my pocket!

  6. Nick Doyle Says:

    Awesome contribution, Jim. Safety bar would be great in there as well 🙂

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