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Introduction to Strongman Training DVD Feedback

I am pumped up to post today’s entry on the Blog. This one comes from Daniel Reinard.

This dude has made incredible progress within the ranks of Grip Sport in a very short time. His improvements in such a short time are comparable to some of the very best in the sport.

I think part of that progress is due to the fact that he is constantly looking to build overall strength and not just get good at Grip Lifts. This pursuit for all-around strength development was evident when he picked up our instructional DVD on Strongman Training. Considering Daniel’s background is in rock climbing, strongman work isn’t really the natural progression, but he understands the importance of full body strength and power to improving overall performance.

Check out his review of our DVD and our customer service, something I have always worked hard to be on top of:

    First thing’s first. Jedd’s customer service is nothing but top notch. I’ve bought several DVDs and pieces of equipment over the last couple years from him. His quick shipments and customer follow-up make for the most comfortable of transactions. He genuinely wants everyone to enjoy his products and to receive the maximum benefits they can achieve. I recently purchased the Intro to Strongman DVD and ran into a most unusual predicament.

    I immediately watched half the DVD at home before heading to work. I proceeded to try watching the last half on my work computer. This did not fare well. The computer drive tore the hell out of that DVD, rendering it completely unreadable, even back at home. I sent Jedd an email thanking him for quick shipment and an excellent first half of the DVD. He was not content with me only knowing part of the DVD, particularly the fact I’ll never be able to revert back to watch it again because as a noob strongman I will need to focus on technique to stay injury free. Watching only part and then never again was setting myself up for an injury. Jedd sent out another DVD right away. I cannot thank him enough for this. He is really about making sure customers not only receive their purchase but can gain the most out of their journey.
    The DVD Jedd Johnson and Steve Slater put together is packed with lots of technique instruction on core strongman lifts and also packed with prehab/rehab with an injury free focus on the lifts. What that says about these guys is that their concern is you will enjoy their product for as long as you wish. This isn’t a “how to be a competing strongman in 60 minutes” DVD, or any other fad how-to DVD that is all hype and no common sense. These guys spend a lot of time growing strength sports and they not only know how to get you into strongman, but they know how to keep you in strongman.
    The DVD is broken down into nice segments that make it easy to pull up a chapter on a particular subject. Each segment moves quickly yet is full of information. Information covered includes prehab/ rehab work, personal gear, technique do’s and don’ts, common mistakes, and visual demonstrations. The experience showed when the don’ts and common mistakes of each lift were explained. This is extremely valuable information!
    Overall the DVD is a great purchase if someone is looking to get started in Strongman. I’m very happy to have purchased it. I know I’ll be watching it many times as I take on the various lifts over the course of my strength journey.
    Daniel Reinard
    Rock Climber
    Grip Athlete
    Strongman Sport Trainee

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel. Keep up the great work in all your strength endeavors.

If anyone else is looking for top quality information on Strongman Training, look no further, because Steve and I lay everything out for you that you need in Intro to Strongman Training.

All the best,


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