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Interview with Logan Christopher: Kettlebell Juggling

As I write this, I just finished an interview with Logan Christopher. In it, we focus on Kettlebell Juggling and its many benefits.

Logan Christopher on Kettlebell Juggling < = For Best Results, Right Click the Link and Save the Audio File to Your Computer/Device.

Logan has a new release out, the Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0.

I got a copy of his original Kettlebell Juggling DVD set several years ago and it was awesome. I could not believe the lengths and the detail he covered in that DVD Set.

This is the testimonial I sent Logan as soon as I was done watching Logan’s original Kettlebell Juggling Guide:

    “Logan, you have put together an outstanding resource for kettlebell juggling. I thought it was great how you were able to organize all of the various juggling techniques and then lay them out in a progressive format. In my training, I have done several different types of kettlebell throws and catches, but you opened up doors of variation that I have not seen or used in the past! I especially liked the way you maneuver the bell behind your back, through the legs and how you incorporate moving over a distance with your throws. I recommend this DVD set to anyone who is looking to open a new chapter in their kettlebell training!”

As big as the original Guide to KB Juggling was (an awesome 2-DVD set) Version 2.0 is even bigger. You’ve got to check this thing out: Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0.

All the best in your training.


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