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Interview with Joe Hashey – Powerful Recovery Methods

This is an interview I did recently with Coach Joe Hashey, CSCS from Strength and Performance Headquarters in Endicott, NY. Joe recently released a new product called Power Muscle Recovery.

JEDD: Joe, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me today. In case some of the readers are unfamiliar with you, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

JOE: Thanks for having me Jedd! I am a certified CSCS through the NSCA and own a gym in upstate New York that trains predominately athletes. I’ve been a long time reader of Diesel Crew and have contributed a few articles in the past.

JEDD: Now I know from training with you many times in the past that you work your ass off in the gym to be as strong as possible and to help your athletes get as strong as possible, too. What made you put together a Recovery Manual?

JOE: Results. A person can only progress and train as much as they can recover from. It is a big missing link in a lot of programs.

JEDD: How did you go about researching for this manual?

JOE: I contacted a handful of physical therapists that I knew I could trust. I sat down and interviewed all of them, took notes like a mad man, and went back to the gym and starting putting the pieces in place. This was almost a year ago, as I wanted to see the long term benefits first – and the results were excellent.

JEDD: There are a lot of crazy claims out there about recovery. What is the biggest old wive’s tale that is out there?

JOE: I’ve read about a lot of crazy things including drinking urine. While there might be a minuscule health benefit…..I wouldn’t recommend anyone does that (or at least tells people about it!)

JEDD: What parts of the body are covered in your manual?

JOE: Head to toe.

JEDD: I know you work with a lot of football players. Is this manual just for Football players, or is it for more?

JOE: It has great benefits for athletes, especially during periods of competition. However, Powerful Muscle Recovery is more written for the general lifters that train not only to get more fit, but to actually feel better too!

JEDD: A lot of people who come to compete in Strength Sports. Is this something for them?

JOE: I LOVE strength sports. The feats of strength are amazing and so is the fatigue on the muscles and nervous system. It is crucial for strength athletes to recover properly for bigger gains and long term joint/muscle health.

JEDD: You know I love Grip Training and Grip Sport. Anything in the manual that Grip Competitors could use?

JOE: Jedd – I remember heading down to your house and attempting everything I could get my hands on. My forearms and hands were LIT UP! Fortunately I just went back to my PT interviews, picked out info to help, and was able to get the muscle soreness out fast….so I could do it again!

JEDD: What is the number one thing we should be doing right now in order to improve our abilities to recover for the next strength training session?

JOE: It is tough to pin recovery down to just one thing – it is dependent on the needs of the person. If your muscles are aching, self massage techniques and cryotherapy applications work great. If we are talking joints, gentle post workout traction may be your best bet. Even though that might sound a little complicated, its all laid out in the manual AND accompanying 60 minute video.

JEDD: Thanks a lot Joe!

JOE: I always appreciate the opportunity to interact with the dedicated Diesel fans! Thanks Jedd.

If you’d like to pick up Joe’s new manual, Powerful Recover Methods, click on the image below. For the price he is offering it, it is a complete steal. He really does cover all areas of the body and the techniques look like they will help anyone who comes to the site.

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