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International Pinch and Pull Grip Contest

I will be holding a leg of the International Pinch and Pull Grip Contest here in Wyalusing on September 29th.

All of the details are below:

Date: September 29th

Time: 9:45 Rules / 10:00 AM Start

Location: Wyalusing, PA. Email me for directions – [email protected]


Event 1: Two Hands Pinch:

As always, we will use the adjustable Euro-Pinch Apparatus, 4 attempts, rising bar. All standard rules will be applied. We will start with narrow width first and work our way up.

For an idea on how this event runs, check out the following video:

Double Overhand Axle Deadlift

Last man standing format will be used.

Griptopz Half Penny

4 attempts. Rising Bar. This lift will be done with the key grip only, no other grips are allowed.

Scoring will be done using the NAGS scoring system. First Place gets 100 points. Other competitors receive a percentage based score, divided by the first place performance.

International weight classes will be used, all contestants will be weighed before the contest.

There are no entry fee’s. We will warm-up, compete, and disperse. This should be a fairly quick contest with only three events, and with only one being a rising bar event with multiple widths or handles.

Other Locations:
Minneapolis, MN – Adam Glass (Movement Minneapolis) 10 AM start time
Wooster, OH – Andrew Durniat (Durniat Strength)
Three Rivers, MI – David Thornton (Don Larkin’s Gym)
Bay Area, CA – Dan Reinard (Diablo Rock Climbing Gym)
Boston, MA – Mike Sheehan (Movement Boston)
United Kingdom – Mark M-Dy
Kirkkonummi, Finland – Juha Harju
Victoria, Australia – Jarrod Riordan

See you on the 29th.


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