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Insane Rope Climbing

At the Underground Seminar this weekend I met Dominik and Lucas, two climbers who traveled all the way from Austria.

Both guys were very friendly and I had a great time talking with them about what strong is really about.

They told me about this insane rope climbing that happens in Europe – YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE!

Grip strength has been discussed many times here at Diesel and rope climbing is an amazing means for building real strength.

Check out this note from Dominik:

“Hey Buddies:

This are some rope climbing vid’s. here is the link:

one was did at a shopping center in france! crazy stuff, 20 metres climbing and many spectators!! on youtube there are more vids!

most of those guys are gymnasts or climbers, they climb over 2 miles a week in training beside their normal sport. I am training not that much, cause its hard on the hands and I like also training with the iron! perfect for an athlete is in my opinion two times a week! on the way down take care of the ellbows – thats also one thing, that pavel always warns! but men, rope climbing makes one brutally strong!

here is a nice site with bodyweight records from old school:

and thats a cool site:

have a good time, and hear from you soon, it was a fantastic time last weekend!!!!!!


Look for an interview with Dominik in the near future.

If you want to see some more insane rope exercises, check out Combat Core.

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3 Responses to “Insane Rope Climbing”

  1. Al in Vancouver Says:

    Hey, a sport for skinny guys like me who still chase after strength!

  2. Diesel Crew News and Updates » Blog Archive » Old School Rocky Training Says:

    […] I met Dominik at Zach and AJ’s Strength seminar recently in Jersey and if you remember, he was the one who showed all of us about the rope climbing championships. […]

  3. Sgt. Fitness Says:

    Cool shit! I didn’t know that people competed in rope climbing. Have you ever seen someone climb a rope upside down? I saw this on one of Karl Gotches tapes. Just awesome.

    Sgt. Fitness

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