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Insane Feats of Strength

You are NOT going to believe the hand balancing and other feats of strength this dude is able to do!  I’m sure 99% of his workouts are with bodyweight only, so you can see you don’t need fancy equipment to get ripped out of your mind.

Some of the positions he puts his shoulders into holding his bodyweight up made me cringe.  I think if I tried that my arms would ripped out of the socket.

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12 Responses to “Insane Feats of Strength”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    I could flitter my feet up and down…Not while holding in any of those positions though.

  2. Bill Long Says:

    Good spinal erector development.

  3. thefightgeek Says:

    Hood workouts are bad-ass!

  4. The Machine Says:

    SICK,SICK,SICK. Amazing strength and balance.
    Mike “The Machine” Bruce

  5. Frank Says:


  6. Adam @ Low Tech Combat Says:

    DAMN! Impressive!

  7. teewee Says:

    One of the sickest videos I have ever seen on strength!
    One strong dude, got damn!!! That’s what I call body control!

  8. Scott Says:

    Like we say in Todd Hamerland… anytime you think that you are strong(after a big lift or PR)there’s a woman in Russia or China warming up with your max!

  9. Mike K Says:

    Simply Amazing but what about his legs I seen birds with bigger calves

  10. Joe Says:

    Big calves are for fat people.

  11. smallaxe Says:

    does anyoone know if this took place at wingate park in brooklyn?

  12. Sue Says:

    That is wild. I wonder how long he has been working on that

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