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Sled Dragging Variation YOU HAVE TO SEE


by Jim Smith, CSCS

Today we are going to talk about sled dragging and a very unique variation I came up with.  Most  anaerobic alactic / anaerobic lactic sports (especially combat athletics) require not only specific metabolic adaptations but a general conditioning foundation (GPP).  It is this foundation that allows more specific, higher level conditioning to be implemented and developed.

Sled dragging is an excellent tool to help develop this general conditioning baseline.

Different types of sled dragging:

  • forward dragging
  • backward dragging
  • lateral dragging
  • rotational dragging

You can also attach different attachments to the sled to drag it to make it more difficult

  • tow ropes
  • thick ropes
  • thick “V” handle
  • and now a car tire!

The Setup

Hook the tow rope through the car tire and anchor it back onto the sled.  Grab over the circumference of the tire and perform a tight chest crush.  Now walk backwards.  We also did a variation where we perform a strong rotation to move the sled.

Standard Setup

Holding Lacrosse Balls

In the video I show another variation of holding lacrosse balls.  This makes the chest crush even harder.



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10 Responses to “Sled Dragging Variation YOU HAVE TO SEE”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:


    That is sick!! My wrestlers are going to hate you. I recently have been posting tire dragging posts but this takes it to the next level. Awesome Brother!

  2. John Giggins Says:

    That was awsome champ!!

  3. Luke Wold Says:



    I’m throwing this in tomorrow’s strongman mix!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks big Luke!

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks John!

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Jerry!

  7. Pete Says:

    Pete Loves it and will be doing sled drags manana….its dload anyhows..thanks for the all the variations…always great

  8. Jim Smith Says:

    You got it Pete!

  9. BrianD Says:

    Smiity, that looks intense! Guess what varsity football gets to do next week?!!! (And I get the skinny basketball players starting later this month!)
    And as I was watching it I had the idea to do the same but use a sandbag instead of the tire – I think I can taste the lactic acid already!
    I’ve made our sled drags harder by using homemade tire sleds, add weight plates, then drag them along the dirt outside the weight room (high school strength coach). The top layer of dirt is now about 1 to 2 inches deep of soft dirt and I’ll wet it down to make it even thicker to pull through. It hurts… but good.

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