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Increasing the Kettlebell Press

Experimenting with Radiant Tension – Another Tool for Your Toolbox

A couple of weeks back, I posted that Smitty and I had been named to the board of advisors with the RKC and Dragondoor. I also posted a link to an article I had written for Dragondoor that had recently been posted, called Testing Radiant Tension Variations for Increased Performance in the Kettlebell Press

I had actually included a video to go along with that article, but for whatever reason it got missed and did not make it into the article, so I am posting it here, now.

If you would like more information on this concept your should check out Dragondoor’s past articles. I don’t have a specific link to any articles that cover this in detail, but here is the Article Section of Dragondoor.

Aside from that, I can tell you for a fact that Tension, when applied properly, does help you perform better in lifts. You can’t go overboard with it, of course, and you have to understand how to turn it on and off as needed. This all comes with experience, as you practice.

Have a great week.


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One Response to “Increasing the Kettlebell Press”

  1. Jeremy - Art of Lifting Says:

    Jedd, could you elaborate on how radiant tension might be used in other exercises, e.g. the deadlift and squat. I’ve tried to extend some of the things you describe in the video to exercises other than the press, and have been pretty successful.

    Still, I’d be interested to hear how you implement these ideas in other scenarios!


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