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In-Season Conditioning Circuits


Here is footage from a few different conditioning days for Mike who is in-season right now.  He is getting ready for sectionals.What you’ll see in this video are movements that target:

Grip Strength
Shoulder Mobility
Leg Strength
Shoulder Strength and Strength Mobility
Rhomboid/Trap Activation
Knee Strength / Stability
Ankle Mobility
Power, Strength and Muscular Endurance
Rotational Core Strength

Circuit Progressions (not done on the same day)
Here are some examples of some in-season conditioning circuits for muscular, strength and power endurance.

First Circuit: (not shown)
Power Rope Double Slams, Alternating, Throws, Zig-Zags
DB Swings
Repeat 3x

Second Circuit: (not shown)
Band Pull Aparts

Third Circuit:
Band Pull Aparts
One-Leg Squats

Fourth Circuit:
KB Clean / Squat / Press
Knee Ups

Fifth Circuit:
Rope Climbs
Hindu Push-ups

Sixth Circuit:
Prowler Challenge (last run)

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3 Responses to “In-Season Conditioning Circuits”

  1. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    That guy is in good shape. Great job!

  2. Joe Hashey Says:

    Mike works hard for sure!

  3. Doug Parra Says:

    Great topic, how many sets/reps/rest are you talking with these circuits? Thanks.

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