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I Don’t Know What to Say, Really…

That’s the first line of this video clip. And that was my initial thought when I saw it featured in my Recommended Videos when I logged onto YouTube, clicked on it, and saw the views it’s gotten – over 37,000! Awesome!

Lots of chilling moments in this clip – Grip Feats, PR’s, and just plain sick, raw, powerful training. Check it out:

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2 Responses to “I Don’t Know What to Say, Really…”

  1. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    Always liked this video, very motivational. Anything with Pacino in great too

  2. Alex Kay Says:

    Is this from Any Given Sunday?

    Any way, thanks for posting the video… Great video, and GREAT footage! Almost made me teary eyed 🙂

    Stay strong.

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