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I am an HTML Wizard!


Did you know that I am an HTML wizard?

Actually, the truth is that I struggle with HTML.

Anyway, I just figured out how to post one of the many testimonials onto the Card Tearing eBook page, along with a pic, even! This is big stuff, my friends!

Click the link below and you’ll see the review I got from Logan Christopher at!

Click here ==> How to Tear a Deck of Cards

Although I am an HTML punk, it’s pretty cool when someone who learned to tear cards from the great Dennis Rogers praises my Card Tearing eBook!

I mean, Dennis is the man when it comes to strongman feats of strength, so I get pretty psyched when one of his students finds benefit in my product!

And I think you will get a lot of benefit from it, too!

I have a ton more testimonials to get up on the site, so check back often. Now that I have this HTML thing figured out, getting the rest of them up should be a cinch!

Here’s that link again ==> How to Tear Cards

All the best in your training,


P.S. To see more on Card Tearing, check this out ==> Card Tearing Stuff

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2 Responses to “I am an HTML Wizard!”

  1. Shane Says:

    Let us know when you’ve gone Diesel on some CSS man!

  2. Joe Says:

    Ha, what am I looking at? Is that a guy’s blurrly legs with a wizard covering the package?

    But seriously, the card tearing manual is awesome!


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