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Hydrotherapy – Innovative Conditioning and Restoration Strategies for Athletes

Here is footage from a recovery / conditioning session.

The athlete performs:
1.  Standard Laps
2.  Wall Hops Against JS Band
3.  Dips
4.  Med Ball Chases

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Conditioning / Low Impact
Decrease Muscle / Joint Soreness
Speeds Recovery

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5 Responses to “Hydrotherapy – Innovative Conditioning and Restoration Strategies for Athletes”

  1. Max Shank Says:

    Love the JS band jumps

  2. Rupert Says:

    Good video. What size of med ball is he using?

  3. Joe Hashey Says:

    that does look like fun, and a good session.

  4. Matt Holmes Says:

    I like this man, always great stuff!

  5. zach even - esh Says:

    nice smitty

    years ago, when i was tchng at a community college, I was allowed to use facilities and used the pool often to swim and condition myself which was a fe wmonths post op ACL

    there was a swim coach there who was working w/ a few kids, sounded to have a european accent and he had them do high speed swims, rhythmic swims, and did the jumping dips at the end of many laps

    man, he had these kids working hard, using intervals and various swim strokes

    he also had them do laps where only legs were used or only arms were used

    I tried a lil’ when he left and got my ass kicked!
    ha ha

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