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Huge News!

Eric Cressey gave Combat Core a huge shout out in his newsletter today!

Combat Core by Jim Smith is hands-down the best product of 2008 thus far. If you don’t own it, buy it.”

As you know, that is a big compliment coming from Eric!

Did you purchase the Combat Core package? Leave a comment with your feedback!

Here’s some more feedback from Rory Hickman:

“Hope you are well. First of all I wanted to say I think the new Diesel site is brilliant, great layout and really well organised.

I’ve been keeping on with the combat core movements, increased the lateral shuffle with a mini band from 25-30 second holds up to (so far) 60 seconds quite easily. Also been using alot of the hanging type exercises after I discovered I’d gotten really weak on leg raises since gaining weight, but improvements have come on nicely and my whole midsection feels much stronger lately, which has also helped keep my main movements go up too. Thanks again for such an awesome book!”


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