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Hub Lift Submissions

Sick, Hard Hub Plate

Hello Diesels!

It is time to vote for the winner of the Grip Strength Challenge – hub lifting a 25-lb plate.

Many members of the Diesel Universe found out just how tough a hub lift of a 25-lb plate can be, especially when it is a very shallow or even slightly angled hub.

If you didn’t have time to shoot a video for the challenge this week, do make sure you try this out because it works the thumbs very well and helps toughen the fingers. Just don’t overdo it at the beginning, because this kind of pinching makes my fingers sore as hell!

Below are the entrants…Who did the best with 25-lbs? It could be on either a 25-lb/10-kg plate or I allowed 25-lbs on a hub loading device, which you will see below.

Remember the factors of difficulty – especially the sheer height and angle of the hub. In general, a shallow gripping surface will be tougher than a deeper one, and an angled hub will be harder than a straight one.

Thanks for voting, and remember – one vote per I.P. address. Voting will go on until 5PM on Monday!

Hub Lifters

Patrick Landriault

Leander Rådesjö

Carlos Rodriguez

Chris Smith

Zach Lister

Darrin Shallman

Paul Tompkins

Josh McIntyre

Daniel Reinard


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25 Responses to “Hub Lift Submissions”

  1. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Awesome lift, heard that Karl Norberg can hub lift 75 lbs as a senior citizen!!!

  2. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Paul Tompkins very cool with the keg!!!

  3. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Paul Tompkins for incorporating 2 things I like and one thing I love. Hub lifting, powerlifting and a keg. Hint: the one I love contains beer.

  4. Carl ansara Says:

    Still not fully convinced Josh McIntyre can hub a 25 pound plate. The video wasnt convincing enough- lol!!

  5. Corey Hadzick Says:

    Paul Tompkins! Nice keg lift!

  6. Big Mike Says:

    Josh McIntyre. Tossing the plates around like toys. Sick.

  7. Carl Olsson Says:

    Pauls video was the best using four plates and a beer keg with all the 2.5 plates really interesting,I think he should win the weekly challenge

  8. Cathy Says:

    Great job Paul!!!!

  9. Rocco Poliseo Says:

    Josh McIntyre is the real deal!

  10. Wendy T Says:

    Paul–can’t believe you could pick that up with your fingers!! Way to go!

  11. KD Says:

    McIntyre, tossin the plates was a good show of grip strength.

  12. Jen V Says:

    i vote for Josh McIntyre

  13. Christine Leander Says:

    Josh McIntyre!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Patrick Malfettano Says:

    Incredible!! Josh McIntyre might have won this one, by about a mile and a half.. Awesome!

  15. Brian Keener Says:

    I vote Paul “The Tank” Tompkins

  16. Robin Says:

    Nice Job Paul

  17. Cris Says:

    Never saw you lift before Paul. I’m impressed 🙂

  18. Ron Says:

    Great job guys. You make it look so easy.

  19. Diane Says:

    Wow Paul thats awesome!!

  20. jermaine propane Says:

    Josh wins

  21. Jackie B Says:

    My vote is for Josh McIntyre

  22. Joe Says:

    Paul Tompkins!!!

  23. Jane Gribble Says:

    McIntyre all the way as usual!

  24. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Josh tossin’ 25’s was sick. My vote no doubt.

    I can’t believe how tough my 25s are. Big props out to the tiny hub lifters out there.

  25. Jim S. Says:


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