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How Twitter Will Unite the Grip Strength Community


By Shane Swing

Grip strength training can be a lonely endeavor. Unlike team sports, usually a grip strength practitioner undertakes his obsession by himself in a dusty basement surrounded by storage boxes, or in a small portion of the garage that’s just big enough to house a garage gym. When he beats a personal record, the radio and perhaps a pet are the only things around to share in his excitement. When he hears terms like hub lifts, pinch grip, CoC #4, or sledgehammer leveraging, he understands perfectly. When he tries to explain these terms to his friends and family, they rarely understand (or want to for that matter).

So, he does the only thing he can; search for a sense of community with other grip strength enthusiasts, and online is the best place to go.

Luckily for him, there have been several key players that have stepped in to fill the void.

The Gripboard is an outstanding resource for people wanting to learn, discuss, and share everything grip. From FAQs to training routines, a gripper will find the information he needs there.

IronMind Enterprises creates many top-notch training devices for grip strength folks. They have standardized grip strength training with their products and certifications, without which no community can grow. It would be hard to imagine how people would train or accurately measure their grip strength without IronMind.

Diesel Crew expands on every aspect of grip training. They create specialized information products, and use their marketing, copyrighting, and video production skills to push grip strength training into a wider audience through ebooks, youtube videos, and participation in social networks.

These sites and many others have done wonders for our community. Yet, the Internet is moving away from traditional websites and forums and into social media—primarily Twitter—and the grip strength community as a whole will inevitably have to do the same. It’s where the action and intimacy that we crave is. Yes, some people in the community are slow to adopt Twitter, but that will change, and change fast.

When it does, though, we’ll be faced with the same problem as before unfortunately. What other grip strength folks use Twitter? How can I find them? What are they doing? What’s new in their training? Why do I feel isolated once again?

Sure, Twitter tries to assist people in finding others with similar interests. But, I used Twitter for months before I learned that Twitter had a search site at that allowed people to search for topics, Twitter names, and a persons’ own Twitter name. It took me several more months to learn that people used special searches using a hashtag (#) to assist people with their searching efforts. For example, people wanting to find out information about the nationwide tea parties used the #tcot in their tweets. Everyone adopted the search term and could therefore search for this specific phrase and see what everyone within that community was talking about.

So, although Twitter does help people meet up, I feel there’s a need to go a step further to unite our grip strength community.

Why can’t there just be one place where people can go to see all the tweets about grip strength training? Why can’t this place standardize the way people tweet to assist the community in finding each other better?

These seemed like reasonable questions for me to ask, but unfortunately, nothing like this existed.

I decided to change that.

I created a website that captures and displays grip strength tweets all in one place using standardized search phrases. The goal of the site is to get every single grip strength fan on the planet to stop by for a visit, meet and interact with everyone else in the community. There’s absolutely no reason why every single grip strength fan on the planet shouldn’t be able to tweet with every other grip strength fan on the planet. The goal of the site is to allow this to happen.

I hope to have all grippers out there sign our guest book and leave their information (and Twitter handle), so that our community can unite online, and we can finally see how many of us are out there.

I know I’m curious. Aren’t you? Visit and let’s get this sucker started! And don’t forget to join twitter and follow GST at

Shane is a grip strength fanatic from Maryland. He’s a 9 to 5 working man, but thinks grip all day long. Although herniated disc surgery and a torn wrist ligament get the best of him on occasion, nothing can stop him from trying to be the strongest gripper on the planet. If not for grip, he has no clue what he’d do for a hobby each day.

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