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How to Train with the Wrist Developer

Happy Valentine’s Day, DIESELS!

I hope you remembered to get something for the one closest to you. If you did not, then you better get thinking of something special you can get on the way home, because you need to show her how much you care.

I just released a new product today – a training video for the Wrist Developer from David Horne’s World of Grip.

For the rest of this week, you can get this video for just $19.99!

Click here to get it = > How to Train with the Wrist Developer

After you pick this up today, you’ll better understand the loading method of the WD as well as how to wrap it and train with it.

On top of that, I also cover the training techniques I have used with the device, many of which I don’t think anyone else has ever done, at least I have never heard of anyone else doing them…

I look forward to seeing a lot more big numbers being produced on the Wrist Developer device. I break down the technique and show you how to figure out the best style for you, depending on your strengths, weaknesses, and your particular goals, so I feel it is going to help a lot of people who are currently struggling with it.

Remember, this video is $19.99 the rest of the week. It is a streaming On-line DVD with the option to upgrade to a hard copy as well.

Click the banner below to order your copy.


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  1. Nick Says:


    I’m interested in ordering a wrist developer. I contacted David Horne and was told that they just got a new batch in and the website which currently shows “out of order” will be updated soon. I was wondering if you were planning on ordering another batch of equipment. If so I’d prefer to order through you. Thanks.

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