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How to Squat What Shoes to Wear

How to Squat What Shoes to Wear



Footwear is very dependent upon the type of squats you’re going to be doing.  When doing high bar back squats a great degree of ankle, knee and hip flexion is required.  Powerlifting squats are done to a box typically at parallel (where the lifter’s quads hit a spot where they are parallel to the floor or the hip to be lower than the knee).

Converse Shoes

Preferred for powerlifting box squats because the sole is flat and they provide slight stability to the ankle.


Weightlifting Shoes

Due to the heel allowing a deeper squat (removing the “lack” of ankle mobility issue to hit depth), weightlifting shoes are preferred for high bar back squats.  Bowling shoes can also be substituted as a cheaper alternative.


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