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How to Squat The Knock-Kneed Squatter

How to Squat The Knock-Kneed Squatter


The knock-kneed squatter

This is a common problem among squatters. The reason for this is the stronger quadriceps muscles take over for the weaker hips. The lifter’s hips are so weak that he/she cannot continue to force them out on the drive up, so the quads overcompensate.

Knock-kneed. The knees are coming in to take over for the weak hips.

Most times this knocking of the knees is harmless. However, if done too often and with too much weight, the lifter can begin to stress the ligaments of the knee and cause damage to the knee structure. Also, it eliminates how much weight you can handle, and it just looks bad!

The best way to defeat this is to swallow the pride, lower the weight, and concentrate on driving the knees out hard. Also, wrapping a mini band around the knees and concentrating on keeping it taut will help. Whatever method you choose, you need to beat this if you want to squat big weights!

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