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How to Squat Knees Forward Squatter

How to Squat The Knees Forward Squatter


Knees forward squatter

This is the guy that seems like he is going to descend nicely. He sits back well, has a good arch, and stays tight. However, as he nears the hole, he fears sitting back and shoots forward. This takes the bar out of the groove, puts a lot of pressure on the knees, and screws the ascent with the weight.

Good intentions gone bad.

A good way to fix this is to put the lifter on a box with a light weight. Assure them through proper form and good spotting that they wont fall backwards. If necessary, put them in a slightly heeled boot or shoe for some time, allowing them to sit back more comfortably. Once they get it down, switch back to the flat shoe.

Another way is to have them hold onto the cage as they lower themselves. This lets them get a feel for the groove of the squat.

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