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How to Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder Rehab 101


This is a 7 day shoulder rehab protocol that can be implemented to maintain and restore shoulder health, function and stability.

Weekly Protocol

Day 1:  Circuit 1
Day 2:  Circuit 2
Day 3:  Circuit 3
Day 4:  REST
Day 5:  Circuit 4
Day 6:  Circuit 5
Day 7:  REST

Each exercise in the circuit is completed for 12-15 reps and each circuit is done 1-3 times (runs).

Circuit 1:
DB Retractions
DB Protractions
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 2:
DB Cuban Rotations
Band External Rotations
Band Pull Aparts
Band Dislocates
Band Presses

Circuit 3:
Pull-up Retraction
Barbell Overhead Shrugs
Push-up Plus
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 4:
Incline DB Retraction
Prone “Y’s”
Prone Internal Rotations

Circuit 5:
EQI Push-ups
Prone “T’s”
Plate Halos

Extra Exercises that can be substituted in the circuits:

DB Internal / External Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Rotations
EZ Curl Cuban Presses
Band Abduction / External Rotations

Face Pulls

Heavy Serratus Strengthening



Muscle Snatch

Swiss Ball Push-ups

45 Degree Shrugs

Dip Shrugs

Ultimate Two Minute Shoulder Warm-up