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How to Set a Gripper

Check out this video I created a while ago that describes how to set and ultimately close a gripper.

Category: Crush Grip Strength

Technique: Grippers

Execution: Closing torsion spring grippers. Many advanced techniques not discussed in this video, but will be in later installments are: BTR, Strap Holds, Overcrushes, Inverted, Finger Specific and various other setting techniques – no sets, CC set, parallel set.

Here is the quick overview on how to set a heavy gripper. There are some other technique adjustments, but this is the quick and easy run through.

Things talked about are no setting, the dogleg (anchor leg) of the gripper, using the thumb pad as the base, setting up the proper hand position, the sweep, walking the fingers and the close.

No setting the gripper provides for a greater sweep (ROM) and great muscle fiber activation. This has application to sport performance such as; football tackles, wrestling, combat athletics – just to name a few.

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  1. Buck Says:

    From tip of middle finger to base of wrist, my hand is 7″ even. This is small no? I’m sure it’s more difficult for this size hand to close grippers, thus making this size hand technically stronger than a larger one closing the same gripper right? Does IronMind, for example, make any distinction for their gripper certs?

    Rock on

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