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The TRUTH About the Iron Tamer

Three Red Nail, slain by the Iron Tamer David Whitley,

The Steel Onslaught Continues

If you live near Nashville, TN and think you are smelling the aroma of molten lava streaming down the side of a volcano, that is actually the smell of Red Nails being melted with hand power by the Iron Tamer Dave Whitley.

A few months back, in preparation for the RKC, I gave Dave a call to ask for pointers for preparing for the snatch test.

During the conversation, he said that he had been bending recently and had just hit a Grade 8.

“Bro, you’re close to a Red Nail,” I said.

“Really??” he said back.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Dave continued to hit Grade 8’s, but could not tackle the Red.

Then I had him shoot a video of his technique so I could look at it.

Sure enough, he was Chicken Winging a bit.

We worked on his technique a bit over the phone and sure enough within a couple more weeks I heard back from Dave and he was kinking Red Nails.

A few weeks later, he finished off his first Red Nail.

Flash forward a few more weeks and he posted the picture at the top of this post on his blog, bending 4 Red Nails in one training session – AWESOME!

Check out what he had to say recently about the Nail Bending DVD

From Dave Whitley

    I could go on and on about Jedd, his expertise in grip strength etc., but I’ll keep it simple with this timeline…

    In late September 2010 I struggled to bend my first grade 8 bolt for about 7 minutes.

    On December 20th 2010 I bent FOUR Iron Mind Red Nails in less than an hour thanks to tips and advice Jedd gave me.

    A week later I was crushing them down in less than a minute.

    Jedd has put all the best information from his bending ebook and the stuff he has learned and developed since he wrote that book onto the Bending DVD.

    If you want to learn the modern bending trechniques, he is the guy who not only wrote the book, but also filmed the DVD on how to do it.

    Buy this DVD, put it into practice and crush steel.

    Iron Tamer Dave Whitley
    Master RKC instructor

The TRUTH About Dave Whitley

In Dave’s case, it wasn’t just a matter of getting stronger that got him to the point of bending Red Nails like they are coat hangers.

Dave’s been wrecking steel, shredding cards and phone books, and twisting horseshoes FOR YEARS.

In the case of the Red Nail, Dave’s improvements primarily came from Technique Improvements.

Bending is highly technical and that is where the Nail Bending DVD makes the most difference for people.

By understanding the proper hand angles and ways to exert force into the steel, you can BLOW THROUGH your current PR’s and raise the bar way more quickly.

In the DVD, I show you Reverse Style, Double Overhand, and Double Underhand in detail. You can wrap up and bend your first nail or a new PR right along with me.

If your sick of being stuck at the same spot or if you want to get started the right way, the Nail Bending DVD will set you straight.

Get it here = > How to Bend Nails.

All the best in your training.


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