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How to Hit the Speedbag

I have received questions about Speed Bag Hitting lately.

I have a handful of videos up on YouTube that can help with this.

Basic Speedbag Hitting Techniques

Working into Some Advanced Techniques

Really Advanced Stuff: Quadruple Elbow Strikes

Some Really Crazy Stuff: Covering Eyes While Hitting

But It All Started With This, Diesels

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere. When I first started, I couldn’t do any of the advanced stuff. I couldn’t even do the basic stuff!

The video directly above is me after just a couple of months of having my own platform. It was lame cheap-o model that shook and vibrated, and I needed the big bag in order to maintain control on the bag.

Hitting the speedbag is a great type of training to add to your routine. While challenging, it can also be very relaxing as well as useful for warm-up for the shoulders and elbows, something very important for those of you who train your grip hard and are susceptible to things like tennis elbow and other elbow pain.

In fact, I made speed bag hitting part of my warm-up for about a year straight because it helped me get blood into my upper forearm and elbow area, and kept things like forearm and elbow pain away.

I am planning on putting up a new platform for hitting the speedbag. I used to do it just about every day, but I had to take my old platform down when I added a bathroom downstairs, and have begun to really miss it.

Hopefully, I can get something installed soon, and you can look forward to more speed bag videos.

All the best in your training.


Fat Gripz

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3 Responses to “How to Hit the Speedbag”

  1. Mike Sosa Says:

    Nice Work! Shows that when you are good at something it seems to transfer over to being good at something else even if you don’t immediately see the how they are related. Mike.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Yep, it’s all about being adaptable and athletic. The more things you work to be good at, the better potential to be good at other things. Thanks for dropping by, Mike.


  3. JIMBO Says:

    Gonna’ work on becomng a bag-man! Thanks for creating the incentive to aid my achey shoulders and elbows. -JIMBO

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