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How to Deadlift Grip Considerations

How to Deadlift Grip Considerations


Grip Considerations


Most lifters want to know how to improve their grip for deadlifting.

1.  First thing you should do is to try chalk or dryhands (if your gym doesn’t allow chalk).  Chalk your palms, fingers and the back of your pointer finger.  If you are not hook gripping (a modification to protect the biceps), the pointer finger becomes an anchor point for the thumb.  so you have to chalk it.

2.  The second thing to try is to modify your training routine.  Make sure you deadlift with a double overhand (pronated) grip as long as you gain when working up to a heavy deadlift.  When you can’t hold the weight any longer, switch to a conventional alternating grip.

3.  Also, here is an article I wrote on how to improve your deadlift grip to give you more ideas – Click HERE.

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