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How to Deadlift Considerations

How to Deadlift Considerations


Deadlift Considerations:

  1. I’m Missing at Lockout – What should I do?
    • Technique – finish with glute contraction, head forward, pull shoulders back
    • Strength – incorporate more pull-ups, rack pulls, good mornings, reverse hypers
  2. Knees Kicking In with Sumo Deadlifts – What should I do?
    • Technique – force the knees out during the eccentric and concentric phases of the lift, “spread the floor”
    • Strength – incorporate x-band walks, lunges, step-ups
  3. I’m Missing Off the Floor – What should I do?
    • Technique – create tension in legs, lower back AND lats before pulling, head up, push the ground away, try various foot positions, use wrestlers shoes
    • Strength – incorporate beyond the range deadlifts, band resisted deadlifts, GHR

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