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How to Building Muscle – Traps and Triceps

Here are a couple of new videos:

Rolling Tricep Extensions

This video demonstrates rolling tricep extensions. There are two ways to do this exercise.

You can move from a locked out position directly into the extension. The other technique (as shown in this video) involves the eccentric portion of a press and THEN into the extension. Both ways are acceptable. I like the technique I use in this video because there is less strain on my elbows.

Chaos Shrugs

Intense trap building exercise that forces the lifter to isometrically contract against the reverse movement of the bands. The more powerful the shrug, the greater the rebound of the weight and bands.

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2 Responses to “How to Building Muscle – Traps and Triceps”

  1. Shane Says:

    Damn, I would never in my life thought of doing triceps like that…but I will now.

    Diesel on,

  2. Sam Says:

    Hey I do those extensions, they really work. helped me put a few pounds on my overhead log.

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