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Mobility 101

Mobility or “a joints ability to function free of restrictions” is important which is why I included into the AMD system.  In fact it is essential for longevity, fluidity of movements and appropriate and maximal muscle recruitment.

Here is a question for me on Elite:

Hey Jim,

I saw you mention Sonnon’s Intuflow DVD the other day. I wondered if you have any experience with the other mobility programs, such as Pavel’s or Z-health or anything else. My question is, I am looking for an easy to follow DVD that I can pop in and work on some mobility in the morning prior to work. Maybe 15 to 30 minutes. I am sort of a mess right now so I would need something that progresses from simple and gets more complex as I loosen up. What would your recommendation be? I have looked into Sonnon, came across Z-health, saw some stuff by Pavel and Steve Maxwell and am not sure which would be best. Thanks for any help!

I have the following:

Magnificent Mobility – Robertson / Cressey
Intuflow – Sonnon
Maxwell – Encyclopedia Of Joint Mobility DVD Series

And some z-health manuals (haven’t gone through them yet)

It really is an individual thing. I pick and chose from each one and create my own routines. If you want a recommendation it is kind of hard, because all of them are good.

Here is the protocol I recommend in my AMD program:

Step 1: Soft-tissue
Step 2: Mobilize
Step 3: Activate

The mobilize section would be wear you could fit any of the exercises in the DVD’s listed above.

You can start the mobility segmentally from the top down and them full body integrated movements.


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2 Responses to “Mobility 101”

  1. Pedro A. Morales Says:

    Awesome, I knew of the 1st one, but need to check out Sonnon’s & Maxwell’s as well. Mobility and Longevity have become something I’m very focused on, Mobility is LIke Money, it’s not big deal till you have none lol!! ACS is awesome, a real life savor for me at this point in the game!

    Thanks for sharing Smitty!


  2. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Great info as always. Working on mobility will almost always make someone stronger too.

    I have MM and it is a great source. I am also a highly biased Z Health fan. Z Health drills can actually mobilize AND activate at the same time when done with precision. This will dramatically affect tissue quality when done over time.

    Keep putting out the great stuff here! Anything I can do to help, let me know.
    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson
    PhD(c), CSCS, RKC, ZMT

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