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The Perfect Gold’s Gym Workout


I was recently traveling with the family and pulled into DC after a freaking 5 hour trip.  The last thing I wanted to do was hang out in the hotel room with the kids going crazy hopped up on no sleep and a steady supply of “don’t make me turn this car around” all day.

I had to get out and unwind, I was freaking stressed out!


I started thinking, I’m sure many of you travel and spend some time away from your normal gym.  I thought it would be cool to take you through the workout I did which I think is a perfect workout for travelers.

First there are some rules.


  1. Drink tons of water.  While you’re traveling you typically become dehydrated from drinking coffee and just long hours on the road.
  2. Spend extra time and attention to your warm-up.  Everything will be tight and you’ll need to really warm up and get the blood flowing before you pick up a weight.
  3. Don’t talk about Fight Club.
  4. When you see this dude, DON’T ask him to spot you.
  5. guido
  6. Focus on compound movements (the big ones that build muscle; squat, dead, bench press, military press, clean and press, pull-ups, etc).  You’ll want to get in and out of the gym and not mess around.
  7. Throw in some interval cardio.  It will help you sweat out that Travel Funk and help negate any bad diet choices for that day.  Travel Funk is similar to The Morning After Drinking Funk without the empty wallet and pounding headache.
  8. Take $20 bucks with you.  Most drop-ins are 10-15 dollars and whatever change you have left over, grab a water and stuff the rest in your sock.
  9. Now there are two ways you can leave the place.  First way, just walk out.  The second is much more fun.  Splash the remaining water from your bottle all over your face, put on some crazy eyes and scream out to no one in particular, “Nobody go into the bathroom for 40 to 45 minutes!” – then walk out.

The Best Traveler’s Workout

Built on the principles of AMD – the ONLY complete muscle building system

1.  Foam Rolling – Yes I know you didn’t bring your foam roller BUT you can use a medicine ball from the gym.  They work just as good, but with greater pain infliction.  Typically they’re denser and with a smaller focal point.  But do it anyway.

2. General Warm-up / Activation – get your CNS primed, a sweat going and activate the stuff that was shut-off all day from you sitting around, driving or on the plane.

3.  Primary Workout – you’ll be doing a full body routine, comprised of upper and lower body exercises.  This will allow you get a killer workout, maintain your strength levels and get a high impact in the shortest time.

4.  Hit Some Intervals – pick your poison – elliptical, concept2 rower, treadmill, jump rope, bodyweight exercises, alternate 30 seconds fast (high intensity) and 3o seconds moderate (lower intensity to recover).

5.  Static Stretching – will remove lactic acid, minimize DOMS, improve your posture and just make you feel better.


1.  Foam Roller / Medicine Ball Rolling – 5min targeting various areas (soft-tissue)

2a.  Jumping Jacks / Glute Bridges – 2 x 30 sec / 2 x 20 (activation, warm-up)

2b.  Burpees / Push-up Pluses – 2 x10 / 2 x20 (activation, warm-up)

3a.  DB Clean and Press – 4 x 8 (primary)

3b.  Backward DB Lunges – 4 x 6

4a. Squats (your choice; front, full, db, trap bar, PL or zercher) – 3 x 12

4b. Pull-ups with knee raises – 3 x 12

5.  Interval Rowing on Concept2 Rower = 30 seconds fast / 30 seconds moderate – shoot for a target of 2300 meters in 10 minutes.  That is a real solid pace.

6.  Static Stretching – Full Body – 5 minutes


Want another fast and effective workout, pick two or three exercises and DO THIS – CLICK HERE

Print these out and take them with you.  The above workout has a the structure you need to get a comprehensive workout each time.  Modify the exercises and rep schemes as needed.

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6 Responses to “The Perfect Gold’s Gym Workout”

  1. Goody Says:

    SMITTY! I wish I knew you were down here in DC, buddy…I would have given you and the fam a personal tour of the city!

    Let me know if you ever make it down here again, buddy! I hope you had a great time.

  2. Physique Bodyware USA Says:

    Traveler’s workout sounds interesting but its difficult to workout when you are travelling.

  3. Matty Holmes Says:

    haha dude I so am going to do the bathroom exit!!

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    PB USA,
    Any workout on the road is better than nothing, even if you just hit bodyweight squats, push-ups, sit-ups and some sprinting in place. You can do all this in the hotel room, hotel gym or by the pool.

  5. D-Rock Wilson Says:

    hey man, I just wanted to say that I always seem to get something good out of every post on here. I have learned so much from these and it shows. Thanks Smitty, you’re the best.

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    D-Rock and everyone else – THANK YOU!

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