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New Muscle Building Videos and Big PR’s


Here are some new videos.  Two were posted at the AMD Youtube Site and the new video of Mike was posted to the main Diesel Youtube page.

Mike is a high school athlete who has been with me for a year and is a letter man in football, baseball and wrestling.

When he started with me he was a punk kid (haha just kidding, got to keep him in his place) and now, he is a serious strength athlete ready to kill it his senior year.  You can read more about his story on the AMD page.

If you like the exercises in the videos and leave TONS OF COMMENTS!

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Squat to Press – Big Muscle Mass and Strength Exercise

Get Big Biceps, Fix Elbow Pain and Get Insanely Strong

Transformation of a High School Athlete Continues


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6 Responses to “New Muscle Building Videos and Big PR’s”

  1. Doug Fioranelli Says:

    All great videos! Congrats to the Kid, pretty clean bench. I like the bicep routine adding the isometrics mid rep is tough. Thanks Smitty

  2. Josh M. Says:

    Great videos. Where would you place the squat press in a strength program? Would you make it a main lift or an accessory movement? Thanks!


  3. Kevin Says:

    not bad have the kid try to bend or pull the bar apart and squeeze the shit out of it and when sumo have him try to spread the floor with his feet

  4. Kevin Says:

    with all that being said congrats Jim to you and your athlete, I see he had on a J Robinson shirt I have worked with some of the U of Minn. wrestlers in the past.

  5. Bill Long Says:

    Good stuff Smitty, Good to see Mike is still killing it.

  6. parsa Says:

    cool videos man

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