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Bird Calls, Burning Red Eyes and Insomnia

AJ hitting 800 lb bench press

AJ hitting 800 lb bench press

I’ve got a few questions for you:

1.  You ever wonder what is it like to try and sleep in a wind tunnel?

2.  Do you hate not making progress on your bench press?

I actually have the answer to BOTH questions below, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!

My good friend AJ Roberts has an AWESOME new FREE VIDEO for you.  If you have ever struggled with the bench press or you always wondered if you were doing it wrong, AJ has the answer.

In fact,

He has 30 answers for you.  AJ has put together this cool FREE video with his top 30 fixes and solutions for you to increase your bench, build a big chest and remain injury free.


PS. Alex told me that there are only 100 copies left of The Truth About Quickness.  If you wanted to pick it up before it closes out, I will still offer the Diesel bonus if you buy from my link; the three manuals, the deadlift video and a chance to win a copy of the Combat Core Double Disc set.

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2 Responses to “Bird Calls, Burning Red Eyes and Insomnia”

  1. Frank Powell Says:

    That was a very funny story! I can definitely relate to it because, plenty of times, it seems like I’m always left to room with the worst snorers alive!

  2. Nii Wilson Says:

    I remember that story man. You DID look like a zombie the next day….FREAKIN HILARIOUS!

    AJ is on his game. I know any info he puts out there will be amazing

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