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How to Bench Press Tip Start Doing Push-ups

How to Bench Press Tip Start Doing Push-ups


2. Start Doing Push-ups

Push-ups are an incredible tool that most lifters don’t do because they want to build a big bench and a big chest. So they spend hours in the gym on the bench press, with poor form wrecking their shoulders.  Many forget push-ups have have benefits that carry over not only to your bench, but to your overall health and wellness.

Push-ups not only stabilize the core and lower back, but also improves your upper back posture by allowing the supportive musculature of the scapulae to get stronger while they allowed to move freely.

Push-ups can also be done with an extended range of motion (ROM).  By increasing the ROM you engage more musculature and therefore, build more strength.



Beyond the Range Push-ups


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