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How to Bench Press Tip Hand/Wrist Position

How to Bench Press Tip Hand/Wrist Position


5.  Hand / Wrist Position

Ensure that when you are benching, you have a tight grip on the bar.  Remember, the tighter you grip the bar, the more tension you will create and the greater control you will have on the bar.  One coaching cue would be to tell the lifter to have “white knuckles”.

How to Hold the Bar:

  • Make sure to ALWAYS keep your thumb on the bar.  Taking your thumb off the bar is called a suicide grip and you should NEVER DO IT.


  • You must keep your wrists straight.  If your wrist extends back, you will be more likely to flex or fold your arms toward your head as you lower the weight.


  • The proper way to hold your wrists is to KEEP THEM STRAIGHT.  This can be aided by “casting your wrists” with wrist wraps – SEE ABOVE.


Here is a video where I go into this with a bit more detail:

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